Who and What Is Behind Affordable Beach Wedding?

One thing is for certain, you definitely want to make sure Eva Mullins of Affordable Beach Wedding makes your wedding invite list. Aside from spearheading Central Florida’s premier beach wedding company and creating weddings of dreams time and time again, Eva Mullins is salon owner and a master hair stylist who specializes in special occasion hair…and Eva has the experience to make your wedding perfect, easy and affordable to you.

When you work with Affordable Beach Wedding, there is also an extensive array of wedding services at your fingertips:

  • Need music? A state-of-the-art PA system will broadcast your wedding playlist. 
  • Want expressive, profound vows? No matter what type you prefer, from traditional, to hand fasting, modern or commitment renewal, Affordable Beach Wedding can help you with them, as well as arrange for a male or female wedding officiant to preside over them. 
  • If you would like photographs or a slideshow to commemorate your special occasion, Affordable Beach Wedding can provide those too.
  • There are also gorgeous wedding decorations to be had, from floral arrangements crafted from the finest silk, to flower petals in the sand, archways, canopies and bridal bouquets.
  • Plus, of course, your wedding hair and make-up!

Affordable Beach Wedding is pleased to serve the entire Central Florida area including beautiful New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet, Edgewater, Ormond Beach and Sanford.


Pros and Cons of a “No Kid Rule”

Children can be a delightful addition to weddings, ergo adorable flower children, ring bearers and little ones dancing with glee. However, kids can also present a certain set of challenges at weddings that grooms- and brides-to-be may not relish. For instance, kids can be unpredictable, causing disturbances at inopportune times; accommodating large families and the toll they can take on your headcount can present financial difficulties; and formal weddings may be far less appropriate for children than more casual daytime ceremonies. 

Just keep in mind that whether or not children are invited to attend your wedding ceremony is a topic that can be very divisive. In fact, some may assume children should always be invited and consider it impolite not to invite their children, some parents may need to leave early and some may opt not to attend your wedding at all. So, whatever you decide, it is always a good idea to tread lightly. 

If in fact you do decide not to include children, some of the ways you can word your wedding invitation so as not to ruffle too many feathers, might include: “Due to the guest limit…,””We apologize that we cannot accommodate children at our wedding,” and if you happen to be lucky enough to place the blame elsewhere, “Due to the restrictions of our venue…” 

You also have the option not to entirely exclude children from your wedding, instead placing certain limits on your inclusion of children, such as an adults only ceremony or reception; or choose to make some exceptions such as only inviting the children of people within your wedding party or your nieces and nephews. 

Other options include organizing childcare or paying for babysitters if you opt not to include kids at all. Or, you could decide to invite children and include a child’s menu and entertainment for kids.

The bottom line with a “no children” rule at your wedding is much like everything else on your special day. Your wedding is your day and you have the final say.

No Phone Rulev

Your wedding day is one of the (if not THE) most important occasions of your life. So, it’s not too much to ask that your guests pay attention as you make your way down the aisle and exchange your vows. Not to mention the fact that a no phone rule at your wedding would prevent any buzzes, beeps or rings that might interrupt your nuptials.

Plus, who wants candid shots or video footage showing tons of people with their faces glued to their cell screens? Additionally, if your guests decide that they want to take photos or video of your wedding ceremony and they hold their phones in the air, your own photographer may not have a clear shot…and if they do, those shots may be peppered with a bunch of people holding up phones in the background. Ugh!

Besides all that, the unhealthy attachment to our electronics that we have developed inhibits us, robbing us of the ability to just cut loose and have some fun – which is exactly what wedding receptions are for. That no phone rule may even allow you to have more fun at your reception, as you won’t be interrupted umpteen times for selfies.

Whatever you decide, just remember that your wedding day is your day. So, no one can blame you for wanting to do it your way…and if that happens to be with or without cellphones, live streams and/or aerial drones, so be it!

Not Just the Beach – We Set up in Backyards or Gardens too!

Yes, of course Affordable Beach Wedding specializes in unforgettable beach weddings, with a majestic ocean venue that is hard to beat, but we can also create a beautiful backyard or garden wedding too. Backyards and gardens in Florida are gloriously brimming with tropical plants and colorful hues that can make you feel like you are in an exotic destination – also absolutely perfect places for a lovely wedding ceremony.

Have you ever been to a garden party where the women are sipping mimosas and wearing flowy summer dresses; guest tables are nestled within fragrant landscaping in full bloom, under chandeliers with votive candles that flicker in the moonlight; and guests are serenaded by flutes or violins? It’s reminiscent of what dreams are made of… a true fantasy come to life. Maybe there is even a meandering garden path lined in lanterns which leads the bride and groom to an archway dripping with cascading flowers where they will exchange their vows. 

Garden, backyard and beach weddings are also a wonderful idea for budget conscious wedding couples because, although they can be everything you ever hoped your wedding could be, they can also be as affordable as you need them to be. And don’t forget that whatever type of wedding you choose, when it is a destination wedding in the Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach or Ponce Inlet area, you have an amazing honeymoon already in place, as well as a memorable vacation for all of your guests

For more information on how to create the perfect backyard or garden wedding, contact Affordable Beach Wedding, Central Florida’s premier beach wedding company by calling 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179.


Hair Up or Down – Which Is for You?

An elegant up-do with cascading tendrils to add romantic appeal or thick, lush, sexy hair left long and down…which is the right style for your wedding day? The way a bride looks is one of the most important decisions of her wedding day, so what will it be?

It really depends on you! You may decide that you want your wedding photos to reflect the real you, which may mean that you prefer to wear your hair down, the way you normally do. Or, since this will be one of the most important days of your life, you may want to dress things up, opting for an extravagant up-do.

Regardless, one thing you want to ensure is that your wedding day hairstyle will stand the test of time, looking beautiful throughout the ceremony as well as the reception…and here in Florida, that can be challenging. We have heat, humidity and, if it is a beach wedding, there will likely be a breeze. That doesn’t even account for all of those tight hugs you will receive from your most treasured friends and family on that receiving line!

So is it better for you to leave your hair down to blow in the breeze? It may be if your style of choice is beachy waves or if your hair tends to hold its shape well. Or maybe, if it is a formal affair, you might choose a more contemporary, slick up-do as opposed to an up-do that may come undone.

A combination of the two – which might be straight down with your hair pinned back under the veil at the sides; a low, dressy bun; or a braid weaved into soft sweeps held in place with a gorgeous hair accessory – all can be breathtaking.

What it really comes down to is your preference, the type of wedding you’re having (casual vs. formal) and what type of magic your professional hair stylist can work for you. 

Daytona Beach Summer Vibes: Places to Visit

In addition to a world famous, 23-mile stretch of beautiful beach, Daytona Beach is home to the Daytona Beach Boardwalk, a popular promenade built in the 1920’s where visitors will discover beachside shopping, arcade games and fun foods in a variety of venues, as well as The Bandshell – an iconic music venue which hosts free concerts all summer long. Its Main Street Pier, built in the late 1800’s, extends 1,000 feet over the ocean and offers rides including a roller coaster, Ferris wheel and go-carts.

Or visit Sunglow Pier with access to Crabby Joe’s Deck and Grill where you can start your day with crab cake benedict or end it with fresh seafood off the grill and a calypso rum cooler during its 4-6 pm daily happy hour.

Daytona Sun Splash Park, with a freshwater splash pad, picnic pavilions, playgrounds, restrooms, showers and 600 feet of beachfront access, is open daily from sunrise to sunset (with the exception of December, January and February).

And don’t miss Daytona Lagoon, Daytona’s premier waterpark and entertainment center open March through September with year-round access to 18-hole miniature golf and rides. Daytona Lagoon was recently remodeled for the 2002 season, so go enjoy some thrill rides, chill pools and its mega-arcade!

There is so much to do in Daytona Beach, including exploring its historic district, museums, parks and a wide array of lively bars and clubs.

Summer Wedding Themes

Summer is one of the most romantic times of year, blending reflections of warmth, sunny days and growth – all perfect sentiments for a wonderful marriage. If you are considering a summer wedding, there is good news! The unique elements of summertime romance can be beautifully showcased by a variety of summer wedding themes. Here are just a few ideas…

Of course, there is the number one wedding theme which coincides with summer – beachside destination weddings, which offer the most magnificent backdrop for your special day; and they double as an excellent honeymoon, as well as provide exceptional vacations for your guests. Just an aside, lakeside weddings can provide the same gorgeous splendor and similar entertainment, and there are some absolutely stunning lakeside wedding venues here in Central Florida.

Speaking of waterside venues, a nautical theme, with beachy blues, seashells and seafood dishes is a summer wedding that defines new adventures – on which newly married couples will soon embark.

Anything reflective of nature is also a wonderful summer wedding theme, from a summer garden party with vintage dresses, parasols, pastels, string tea lights and mint juleps; to an outdoor summer wedding at a lovely vineyard with corks for place cards and wine gifts for your guests.

There are Grecian summer weddings, shabby chic summer weddings, summer weddings with sunflower or citrus (which is very appropriate here in Florida) themes and summer’s eve weddings with lanterns, gentle evening breezes and formal attire.

Funny Wedding Traditions

Do you happen to know the meaning behind “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”? Blue symbolizes love, fidelity and purity and, like, the “old” part, is supposed to ward off evil. Something new symbolizes looking optimistically toward the future and the borrowed item is a blessing from the world.

Then there is that whole “carry the bride over the threshold” thing. It’s said that Medieval Englanders believed that the bride was more vulnerable to evil spirits through the soles of her feet, so the groom protects her by carrying her…or, just maybe it is what they told their parents lest they think the newly married couple is too anxious.

Since evil spirits seem to be a theme here, so…In India, it is believed that you can exorcise evil spirits from an ugly girl by having her marry a goat or a dog before her actual wedding. Hmm.

Before the wedding in Kenya, the father of a Maasai bride spits on her and the mother-in-law shaves her head. Not quite the fairytale wedding you envision?

The Tujia people of China cry supposed tears of joy for days to prepare for the wedding. Hopefully there are more smiles after the wedding.

In Korea, it is thought that beating the soles of the groom’s feet with a fish while quizzing him is a good check of his strength and knowledge. Sounds like my third grade teacher’s methods.

The Japanese believe that three is a lucky number and nine, which is three times a three, is very lucky. That is why the bride and groom sip sake from three cups three times…not because they are in dire need of a meeting.

And in Morocco, a wedding can last for a week, so pack a bag!

Happily Ever After Isn’t Just for Fairytales

When you imagine your wedding day, do you dream of a gorgeous arch draped in luxurious, flowing material on one of the most pristine, picturesque beaches in the world? Well dream no more, because fairytale images like this aren’t simply part stories passed down for generations. “Happily Ever After” is also one of the amazingly romantic wedding packages provided by Affordable Beach Wedding – Central Florida’s premier beach wedding company!

Plus, your most memorable moment doesn’t have to come with a memorable price tag. With the challenging times we have all recently endured, money may be a little less available; but with affordable wedding package options like Affordable Beach Wedding’s Happily Ever After, a beautiful, unforgettable wedding isn’t.

Happily Ever After, a wedding package in which the officiant is also provided, is amazingly affordable and can also be individually tailored to add services and extras – such as music, photography, videography, flowers, lanterns, vow writing, wedding hair, wedding make-up, in-depth wedding planning and coordination and so much more – depending on your desires and as your budget allows. The Happily Ever After wedding package through Affordable Beach Wedding services also includes 12 chairs for your guests, and the decorative wedding arch materials come in the color of your choice.

With the services of an Affordable Beach Wedding professional, you can rest assured knowing that your wedding will be both elegant and hassle-free. Affordable Beach Wedding can be reached by calling either 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179.

Who’s Invited?

Your wedding is your special day, a day for sharing what could be the most momentous occasion in your life with the people who matter most to you. So who should you invite?

First a word of caution…One of the first things happy couples do when they begin to plan their wedding is to go a little overboard. It’s an exciting time. So it is understandable that we get caught up in the moment, wanting everyone in the world to share our joy. Realistically, though, most likely there is a limit to the amount of people you will be able to invite to your wedding. It may be due to the size of your reception venue, your budget or simply the type of event you are looking to create. 

When determining your wedding guest list, unfortunately guilt can sometimes weasel its way into the planning process. You want to try to avoid this. Besides the fact that your wedding planning should be a pleasurable experience, it is simply unfair of people to expect to be invited to your wedding simply because they work with you or they are a third cousin removed.

Subsequently, you need to make sure that your guest list is made up of the people who matter most… the people who have your back, the people you enjoy the most in the world, the people you love. Remember, it isn’t a family reunion or a high school reunion. It’s your wedding; and if you are spending the money to make your day special, you want to make sure your guests are special too!

Side note: If your main objective is for your wedding to be the biggest party in the history of parties, by all means, throw caution to the wind when creating your guest list. It’s YOUR day. Just try to avoid inviting anyone who may make things awkward for you or ruin your day because, once again, it’s YOUR day.