How Weddings Are Changing

Traditional weddings are alive and well, but so are the untraditional ones! Basically, one thing you can count on when it comes to weddings now is that anything goes…

Some brides are opting for less expensive dresses since they will only wear their wedding dress once; and bridal gowns can range from traditional white to bold and black. You also might notice that bridesmaids dresses don’t always match now, with brides opting to dress their closest peeps in the different colors and styles of dress that flatter each of them best. Plus, guests may be asked to wear everything from formal evening attire to beachwear and Hawaiian shirts.

Traditions, like tossing the bouquet and garter are often replaced with personalized reception fun ranging from football fans watching the game on a big screen TV to signature cocktails.

There are no “obeys” in the vows any longer and more and more brides are making their trek down the aisle alone, without someone giving them away.

Bridal parties are frequently chosen based on relationships instead of gender, so it is not unusual to see a man standing up for the bride.

Wedding cakes are sometimes tiers of extravagant cupcakes or donuts; and men are playing a bigger role in planning. Hence the groom cake trend.

Additionally, guest experiences like photo booths, cotton candy stations and ice cream bars are sometimes becoming even more extravagant with over-the-top entertainment like live performances and light shows.

The moral of this story is that while the institution of marriage has stood the test of time, the way couples tie the knot is definitely evolving. The especially good news is that it is easier and delightfully refreshing to reflect your own style and preferences on one of the most special days of your life.

Wedding Playlist

While Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” may be your first choice for your wedding playlist and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard may seem fun, those songs might simply conjure up bad 80s hair and pole dancing images for others. So how do you come up with a wedding playlist that won’t offend Aunt Myrtle and won’t have you falling asleep in your wedding soup?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding playlist. It’s a good idea to try to pair what is taking place during your wedding with the particular song that is playing at that time; and while it may be courteous to take your guests’ differing tastes into consideration, your wedding is your day. So your wedding playlist still needs to reflect your style and musical preferences. 

Ok, so when the groom is down on the ground, removing your garter in a provocative way, some “take it off” music can be funny. Conversely, you obviously want to avoid that type of thing when you dance with your father. Instead a slow, traditional song will bring a few good tears to some eyes for that one.  Your first dance as husband and wife is all yours, so you do you. A romantic slow song always fits this bill, but if you guys are a fun loving couple who want to rock out to “What I Like About You” by the Romantics, you go ahead and bust a move.

Then, of course, there is the music that plays the rest of the time, which can set the tenor for your magical day. For this, you probably want a nice mix of music which can accommodate your tiny flower girl slow dancing on her Daddy’s shoes, as well as some slightly raucous hits that will keep things lively. If the country music genre is your thing, you’re in luck because country music can please all ages.

Services We Offer to Make Your Day All Yours!

He’s going to be all yours and so should your wedding day! You want to bask in the moment…your moment and soak up all the beauty and celebration that was created for one express purpose – the union of you and your fiancé. You’ll want to enjoy it all – from the very beginning until your last goodbyes. So let Affordable Beach Wedding take care of all the details.

Affordable Beach Wedding can expertly handle everything, from acquiring and filing your wedding license; to booking an officiant, a photographer and/or videographer and all the other vendors you desire; to setting up a gorgeous ceremony location. Leave it to Affordable Beach Wedding to make sure you have a gorgeous canopy under which you will recite your wedding vows and that everything happens exactly when it is supposed to, including your introduction as Mr. and Mrs. and your first dance as husband and wife. Affordable Beach Wedding can set a stunning scene with lovely decorations, and can even style your wedding day hair and make-up, so you look absolutely amazing as well. 

Another reason to leave everything to Affordable Beach Wedding services is that you may just have a few jitters on your wedding day. It’s perfectly normal, but not a condition that is conducive to perfecting wedding details. However, there is no need to worry when you have a wedding planning veteran on your side. Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life, so you want to be able to enjoy it. An experienced, knowledgeable, reliable wedding planner from Affordable Beach Wedding can ensure that is exactly what happens.

Fairytale Wedding Just for You

You’ve been dreaming about your fairytale wedding since you were eight and you made the little neighbor boy pretend to be your prince charming. Now it’s here – the Cinderella Wedding Package created by Affordable Beach Wedding!

Cinderella’s Dream Wedding comes with a gorgeous wedding canopy under which you will exchange vows with the man of your dreams. The bamboo canopy will be decorated in fine fabric and flowers you can choose from a wide array of options. Lanterns with candles and flowers will mark the isles, your guest chairs will be beautifully adorned with bows to match your wedding canopy, and wedding flags will elegantly wave.

A romantic sand ceremony will ensue, complete with a heart drawn in the sand and a heart vase keepsake. The music of your choosing will be played during the bridal party march, the bride’s walk and when you are first announced as husband and wife. You will be able to hear the rest of your playlist while you mingle and take photos; and you will own all rights to the photos, which will be taken by a professional photographer during and after the ceremony.

An experienced officiant will also be reserved for your special day and all of the paperwork and legal filing of your marriage license will be taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

This dream come true wedding will all be framed in a majestic beach backdrop that only mother-nature can provide. So call Eva at 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179 to discuss the details of your Cinderella’s Dream Wedding Package by Affordable Beach Wedding; and feel like a princess in a fairytale scripted specifically for you!

Your Wedding Dress: Is It Worth the Money?

Should you spend a fortune on your wedding dress? I am of the mind that your wedding is probably something you have dreamed of for many years…possibly the most special day of your life; and if you feel the higher cost of the perfect wedding dress is worth it, it probably is.

However, if we’re being pragmatic, the downside of wedding dresses with high price tags is that they can eat into all of your wedding niceties…such as your flowers, decorations, music, invites, cake, venue and how many people you can afford to invite. It may also mean the difference between whether you can afford a videographer, limousine service and those pretty wedding rings you have been eyeing.

There are options, though, which will allow you to have your wedding cake and eat it too. For instance, if you are planning a beach wedding, you have a gorgeous venue that doesn’t break the bank and you can do the same with your dress…because a simple, flowing dress is absolutely stunning for a beach wedding ceremony.

You also might want to consider secondhand options because that vintage wedding dress of your mom’s that she would love to see you walk down the aisle in, is 100 percent free; and you would, of course, have the added bonus of making your mom the happiest mother of the bride on earth. Plus, believe it or not, thrift shops can also provide amazing options for wedding attire; and, of course, you can browse online for a whole lot more thrifty options.

So, if it’s worth it to you to have that expensive wedding dress, go for it. If you would rather pay off your student loans, save for a down payment on a house or be able to afford an exotic honeymoon, there are a bunch of ways you can find an affordable wedding dress that will be nothing less than perfect for your special day.

Suit or Board Shorts

When you’re planning your wedding, one of the things you need to determine is your dress code. So does Armani “suit” you or do you prefer to keep things casual with flip flops and board shorts? It’s your wedding, so you should definitely “do you.”  However, here are some thoughts associated with casual and formal wedding attire that may be helpful…

Believe it or not, your wedding dress code can play an integral role in fashioning (pun definitely intended) the atmosphere for your event…and this goes for weddings or any special occasion. Basically, the idea is that the more formal the attire, the more elegant your special day may be. The more casual the dress code, the more festive and playful your day may seem.

Now, there is casual – I’m thinking a flowing, flowery sundress, trendy jumpsuit or a pretty blouse with a nice skirt or slacks, and flats or sandals for footwear. Men might lean toward full-length khakis and a long sleeve button down oxford or polo shirt. Then there is CASUAL, which could be anything from cutoff jeans and a Hawaiian shirt to tube tops and bathing suits. 

If you want to dress things up a bit, you could go to black-tie optional, where a fancy, tea-length cocktail dress for women and a dinner jacket (light colors for a daytime event and black for evening) would suffice. Then there is always full-on black-tie, complete with tuxedos, cummerbunds and formal floor-length gowns, heels and clutches.

If you’re not sure, give it some more thought before you decide; but if you’re looking for something you can truly commit to, Affordable Beach Weddings is the Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet and Ormond Beach area’s trusted source for wedding planning!

Getting Married Before High Tide Crashes Your Wedding

You’re planning a beach wedding and you’ve thought of everything from the bridesmaids’ dresses in a soft blue that compliments your seaside theme, to your groom’s Steelers football themed cake and the cutest flip flop wedding favors.

You even have a plan in case that crazy ex of his decides to crash the wedding, but what if it’s not Felicia you need to worry about? A beach wedding is a gorgeous, unique, wonderful way to get married, as long as high tide doesn’t crash the ceremony!

Any wedding planner worth her sea salt will tell you that tide times play a major role in the planning of any beach wedding. Make certain you check the tide timing and plan your event during a time you know the tide is only going to get lower throughout your event. You don’t even want to think about what would happen if the tide rolled in during your ceremony. 

You can also plan to hold your wedding ceremony on a higher part of the beach that is less affected by the ocean’s tidal schedule. That way, your chairs, your canopy, your guest and you will remain safely tucked away on your own little piece of beach paradise.

Most importantly, you want a wedding planner you can rely on to schedule your beach wedding at the right time of day and/or the right area of the beach so that high tide doesn’t crash your wedding. Affordable Beach Wedding, Central Florida’s trusted wedding planner of choice, knows how to avoid the tides to keep your nuptials safe. 


Weddings in the Time of COVID

Wedding planning can be complicated and stressful enough. Add COVID to the mix and you could have some nightmarish nuptials! However, experienced wedding planners like Affordable Beach Wedding, can roll with the punches to make any wedding work.

For instance, first and foremost, you want to keep all your loved ones safe. If you are planning a destination wedding, it may be hard to tell how travel and hotel accommodations will be. Plus, do you know how to set up socially distanced wedding ceremony seating or how to host a socially distanced reception? Affordable Beach Wedding does.

You also want to be sure of what you are getting into when you book your reception venue. Will the restaurant or resort be allowed to remain open on your wedding date? What restrictions will they have in place at that time? Would you get your money back if you had to postpone or cancel? Affordable Beach Wedding can help you avoid any wedding planning pitfalls that may happen to come your way.

Then there is the beach wedding option, in which Affordable Beach Wedding specializes (duh). Beach weddings are gorgeous and delightful. Outside venues are also safer and they can be a wonderful option for both your ceremony and your reception.

If still you feel you have to postpone or cancel your larger wedding, have you considered a micro-wedding? A micro-wedding can be a beautiful thing in the time of COVID. It’s a lovely way to limit the size of your wedding to just a few of your friends and family members and then celebrate with a more expansive celebration later…when you and your guests feel more comfortable. It’s also a great way to double your wedding pleasure!

So don’t put your love on hold. There are all sorts of ways to plan a wedding in the time of COVID. Call the professional wedding planners at Affordable Beach Wedding at 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179 and enjoy all the time leading up to your wedding and the day of your wedding instead of stressing. Your guests will thank you for it too!

Hairspray, Your Best Defense Against the Wind

Invited to a beach wedding (or planning your own) and stressing about how to protect your hairstyle from the wind? Stress no more! There are plenty of ways to keep your lovely locks in place…

The best styles that can hold their own against the wind are updos, so wear your hair in a sexy bun, an elegant ponytail, slicked back for a contemporary vibe or weave beautiful braids in one of a multitude of styles. To keep shorter hair out of your face when it is windy, you’ll probably want to pull back those bangs. Stylish headbands that match your wedding attire, pretty barrettes with plenty of bling, bobby pins and even light gel can all help keep hair from blowing in your face on a windy day.

Plus, here’s the even better news. Messed up and loose is totally in style when it comes to hair, so if your updo or braids begin to stray a bit, just go with the flow because messy is chic! Or here’s an idea, go with a messy hairstyle from the start! 

Another way to windproof your hair is to use more product. Yes, girls (and guys), spray that hairspray like you’ve never sprayed before. Also keep in mind that hairspray of the extreme hold and anti-frizz varieties protect hairstyles best on those breezy beach days.

Lucky for you, Affordable Beach Wedding also provides beautiful hairstyling specifically for beach weddings. Call 386-279-1179 or 386-428-0777 to learn more about all of the services Affordable Beach Wedding offers.


Sunglasses and Your Wedding

So what do you do if you are planning a beach wedding with the sun shining brightly? Is it okay to wear sunglasses to your wedding?

Here’s the deal. No matter what, always remember that your wedding is YOUR wedding, so whatever you choose is the right choice. However, if you are worried about proper etiquette and showing respect, there are a couple of tiny rules you could follow. 

First, keep in mind that it may be intimidating to approach someone who is wearing very dark or reflective lenses. So, good manners when you greet your guests would be to remove your eyewear. You want people to be able to see that flawless make-up anyway, don’t you?

The next good rule of thumb for proper sunglasses wearing etiquette at a wedding would be to remove your shades for the big moment. Guests will want to see your expression when you exchange your vows, and you will too in both your photos and videos. So what do you do with your sunglasses at the altar? That is what a best man and maid of honor are for!

Speaking of your attendants, trendy shades that match your wedding theme are a very cool gift to give those peeps who are standing up for you. What better way to say thank you than by keeping them comfortable and shielding their eyes from harmful UV rays during your special event?

There are some very beautiful sunglasses that will serve you well on your wedding day. You can choose from timeless, classic styles and if bling is your thing, there are options with just the right amount of sparkle. Fendi offers some great high fashion choices, as does the Jimmy Choo Cindy with just a touch of gold and Dior’s subtle color is effortlessly chic.