Message in a Bottle Isn’t Just a Police Song!

Looking for a way to make your wedding uniquely your own? A beach destination wedding can certainly accomplish that; and there is something else that may pique your interest.  A message in a bottle time capsule guest book is the perfect beach wedding accessory to put your own stamp on your wedding day! It’s a stylish alternative to personalize your beachside wedding inspired by the whole “message in a bottle” concept.

So here’s how it works. Unlike a traditional wedding guest book that is simply that – a book, this beautiful variation from other ordinary wedding traditions comes with an elegant, nautically designed “sea scroll” with enough space for at least 100 of your most beloved friends and family members to sign (Although you can order additional sea scrolls if you require space for more signatures.); and a sleek glass bottle with a stopper to keep it safe for all time and showcase it all.

A message in a bottle wedding keepsake is both lovely to prominently display in your home and a wonderful and innovative way to preserve and hold one of your most cherished memories close to your heart.

If you like this idea, you will be pleased to know that Affordable Beach Weddings, Central Florida’s premier wedding planner, can provide you with many more ideas that will make your special day distinctively your own. Call 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179 or email for a free consultation. Also feel free to peruse the various wedding packages on the Affordable Beach Weddings website for some more great ideas!


Professional, Affordable Beach Weddings Are Our Specialty


You want everything perfect on the most important day of your life – your wedding. Affordable Beach Wedding will create the wedding day of your dreams and can also provide an enormous network of exceptional, reliable vendors. Experienced make-up artists, hair stylists, wedding photographers and videographers, florists and more convene to ensure that every detail of your special day is carefully choreographed and executed from start to finish. 

We can confidently say that our wedding professionals are the best in the industry; and here’s just one example…On average, our wedding photographers will take over 100 photographs. You won’t get that with any other wedding company.


In these tumultuous times, it is nice to know that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to celebrate the most momentous occasion of your life. From the beach (which we happen to believe is nature’s most breathtaking venue), to gorgeous parks and gardens and even your own backyard, Affordable Beach Wedding has been crafting creative, elegant events in exceptional locations at the very best prices available.

Affordable Beach Wedding offers a wide selection of wedding packages from the most intimate ceremonies with a wedding officiant on the beautiful beach of your choice as you exchange vows; to the most extravagant affair – like our Cinderella’s Dream package, with a heart in the sand, a welcome table, gorgeous canopy, sand ceremony, music, photos and more. Of course, Affordable Beach Wedding can also affordably custom tailor your wedding day.

Affordable Beach Wedding is proud to serve Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet, Ormond Beach, Edgewater, Palm Coast, Lake Mary, Deland and more. Call 386-428-0777. We’d be happy to answer any questions.

Daytona Beach: The Perfect Wedding Venue

Where can you find meticulously manicured golf courses, glorious sunsets, beachside shopping, a deluge
of dining options, delightful weather and the world’s most famous beach? Daytona Beach, of course;
and it is the perfect wedding venue for all those reasons and more!
First of all, can we agree that there is no more romantic location for a wedding ceremony than a
pristine, white sand beach where the salt air floats atop gentle ocean breezes and the sun glistens on
waves softly lapping the shoreline?
Okay, let’s go for two. Daytona Beach offers so many reception venues that it is almost impossible to
choose. There are award-winning restaurants with floor-to-ceiling windows providing majestic ocean
views, stately mansions with lovely gardens, lavish resorts and beachside restaurants of the open-air
variety for a more casual, comfortable appeal.
Not that we’re keeping score, but thirdly, a Daytona Beach wedding furnishes a built-in honeymoon
beyond compare. Stay in a luxurious hotel, lounge on Daytona’s magnificent beach and indulge in
Daytona’s exciting nightlife.
Plus, with so much to see and do, Daytona Beach is the perfect destination wedding for both you and
your guests. There’s the famous Daytona Boardwalk and Pier, the iconic Daytona International
Speedway and numerous scenic parks, including Tomoka Park with its 2,000 acres adjacent to the
Tomoka River and miles of nature trails that are perfect for wildlife watching. Culture abounds in live
entertainment, rich history, museums and art. St. Augustine, North America’s oldest city, is located just
to the north and friendly, fun Cocoa Beach is just an hour drive south. If it’s the water you long for, you
can paddleboard, kayak, canoe, fish, take a boat tour and more. Don’t forget that Daytona Beach is just
51 miles northeast of Orlando and all of its wondrous theme-park glory!

New Smyrna Beach Is a Romantic Spot for Couples

Romance is in the air. Are we talking red roses, love notes, chocolate truffles and sparkling trinkets?
Well yes, but we’re also talking about New Smyrna Beach. Long known for speaking the language of
love, New Smyrna Beach is a romantic spot for couples. Whether it is long walks along its pristine, white
sand beaches or leisurely boat rides along its shores on the panoramic Intracoastal Waterway, New
Smyrna Beach is revered as one of the most romantic vacation destinations in America.

While you are here with your honey, you can picnic in any one of New Smyrna Beach’s numerous and
scenic parks or view magnificent sunsets while enjoying delicious fare in your choice of delightful ocean
view restaurant venues. Then, stroll hand in hand along the streets lined with stately palms and
interesting shops, within the quaint, historic town of New Smyrna Beach. Although it is a city boasting a
big heart, there is no doubt you will fall in love with the small town charm of New Smyrna Beach.
And, should you decide to say, “I do” to more than just the romantic nature of New Smyrna Beach,
Affordable Beach Weddings is here to help. Central Florida’s reliable, affordable, premier wedding
planner, Affordable Beach Weddings creates beautiful, memorable wedding ceremonies with everything
from elegant arches and canopy displays; to the finest photographers, videographers, florists, wedding
cake designers, bands and DJs; to on-site hair styling and make-up and more. The consummate
professionals at Affordable Beach Weddings can even help you choose the perfect wedding officiant,
write your own unique vows, and handle everything involved with obtaining your wedding license.

Don’t Let Covid-19 Hijack Your Wedding

Lately, we’ve had to curb our activities and our lifestyles, but you shouldn’t have to delay your nuptials at a time when we all need love the most. It’s important that we are able to continue to live our lives as fully as possible and to move forward with the one thing you can be certain of in these uncertain times. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, outdoor activities are significantly safer than those held indoors. That’s just one of the reasons a beach wedding is perfect! A beach wedding, framed by one of the most majestic settings in the world, is also one of the most gorgeous and unique ways to say I do. 

Rest assured that Affordable Beach Wedding can make your dreams come true, even now within these unpredictable times…and we can pull it off beautifully! From elegant arches, to professional photography, flowers, ribbons, cake and music, you can be certain that your wedding is in very capable hands with an Affordable Beach Wedding professional wedding coordinator. Plus, beach weddings are a fabulous way to celebrate your special day in style without spending a fortune.

And here’s another great option: If you don’t want to put your life on hold, but you prefer to hold off on the big wedding for now, consider a micro-wedding. That’s right! Go ahead and hold that breathtaking wedding ceremony right on schedule with a smaller group made up of the people who love and support you the most. Then schedule that grand wedding celebration for later, with all of the pomp and circumstance you can muster!

No matter what you decide and how big your affair, Affordable Beach Wedding can help. Feel free to call 386-279-1179 if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

Wedding on a Budget: Make Your Own Beach Wedding Souvenirs

Wedding souvenirs are a wonderful way to say thank you and show your guests that you appreciate the time and effort they took to attend this special event that is so meaningful to you, but that’s not all. Wedding souvenirs create an opportunity for you to add another personal touch to your wedding, so why not make your own, unique, incredible wedding souvenirs and save a ton of money while you do it? 

Here are a few ideas to get your creative wedding souvenir idea juices flowing…

Bling it up! Just cover some mini bottles of bubbly with glitter paint and tie on an adorable photo tag of you and your boo with your names and the date of your wedding. If you like the idea of libations, limoncello is also a refreshing way to thank your guests for coming. Those little, lemony bottles will only need your custom tags or stickers.

A “wedding survival kit” might cost a little more – depending on your fillers, but it still won’t break the bank and it is perfect for a beach wedding. Here’s what you do. Fill an inexpensive canvas beach bag with a little bottle of sunscreen, lip balm, cheap flip flops, sunglasses and maybe little packs of Advil if boisterous Uncle Bob is coming.

How about sea salt for a delightful way to remember your beautiful beach wedding? Everyone who likes to cook (or eat) likes sea salt and you can package it up perfectly in cute little jars with custom stickers.

Or make it easy on yourself if you’ve got enough stress and things to worry about right now. Wildflower seed papers are a really cute idea. Just make yours a “Let Love Grow” theme and call it a day!


Why You Should Write Your Vows

Writing your wedding vows can be a beautiful thing…a powerful message of your aspirations for the future and your commitment to the love of your life.

Unlike generic, universally scripted words, personally written wedding vows are your own words from your own heart – a wonderful gift to your betrothed. Writing your vows is an unequaled, inspiring way to begin your life together; and for many, it establishes an even deeper connection.

Personally written wedding vows also offer a unique perspective, and there is nothing more meaningful than your own thoughts and feelings on such a momentous occasion. Writing your vows is special – a once in a lifetime chance to declare your love for this person you cherish.

Since writing your wedding vows results in a creation that is uniquely yours, you can toss in fun tidbits…personal anecdotes to make your vows funny and entertaining, as well as tender and loving.

Writing your vows also makes your wedding more memorable and gives even more meaning to this sentimental moment in time. And need I say that writing your own vows is romantic? No matter the content, the gesture itself is undeniably romance on a stick.

Plus, here is the coup de grace! Your first wedding anniversary gift is slated to be paper. Framing your personally written wedding vows is both unquestionably sweet and positively touching.

For more tips on how to make your wedding vows absolutely perfect and to learn about wedding ceremonies that brilliantly lend themselves to personally written vows, call Affordable Beach Wedding services at 386-428-0777.

How Do You Know the Time Is Right for Marriage?

The way he looks into your eyes, the little things he does – like opening doors for you and leaving you tiny surprises, or the way you just know that he loves you beyond comparison…Are these the things that assure you that it is the right time for marriage?

Do you know that it is the right time for marriage because you have found him to have the good morals and a gentle nature that would make him a good father? Maybe you know the time is right for marriage because you are friends as well as lovers…someone the other can lean on and count on at all times. Or better yet, maybe it is all of the above and more.

Like love, the right time for marriage is hard to define. It can differ for all of us and depend on some of the things that life deals us with. Maybe your father is sick and you want to wait until he recovers from his illness before you wed so that he can walk you down the aisle. Maybe you want a lavish wedding or you have found the perfect house and you’d like to take a little time to save before your nuptials. Maybe you just want to be sure your partner is the one for you. You also may want to make certain you have chosen the right venue and everything that goes along with making your wedding day perfect.

Here is something you can count on. When you are sure of the matters of the heart and the timing is right for you, you can rest assured that all matters related to your wedding day – from the venue, to the officiant, the music, flowers, decorations, make-up, hair and so much more – will be exactly what you dream of when you call upon the services of Affordable Beach Wedding. Simply give us a ring at 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179. It’s always the right time to count on us.

What Are the Perks of Being Married?

There are a host of perks that come along with saying, “I do,” and some of them may surprise you!

Did you know that married couples tend to be wealthier than their single counterparts? It’s true! There are a bunch of financial benefits to tying the knot, including tax breaks. For instance, filing jointly can lower your tax bracket and possibly get you a bigger tax break when you sell your house. A spouse without a job can also invest in an IRA and spouses don’t pay federal real estate tax when the other spouse dies. Plus, understandably, married people are significantly wealthier than divorced people.

Then there is the health aspect. According to researchers from Michigan State University and the University of Cincinnati, marriage lowers the mortality rate for men by 80% and 59% for women. The benefits of a longer life do not apply to singles or even those who cohabitate, who were reported to have markedly shorter lifespans.

There are better outcomes after surgery and more cancer survivors in the married camp. Married folks also tend to get better sleep – falling asleep quicker and staying asleep longer. Married couples also experience lower stress and less depression (even when that toilet seat is left up). Heck, their health insurance may even be covered or partially paid by their spouse’s place of employment. 

Oh, and don’t forget the love and companionship!

Why a Beach Wedding Is Not Only the Best Option, but also the Most Affordable

Your wedding day should be full of your most beloved colors, fabrics, textures and whimsical delights. Flowers should billow; lanterns should line the aisles packed with your favorite people in the world; and melodic music, as well as a sense of enthusiastic anticipation should fill the air. Your wedding should be brimming with bright smiles, perfectly coiffed hair and deliciously decorated cake…a day you have always dreamed of.

Now let me pose a question…Don’t you just love the majestic, glistening, blue waters of the ocean, the peaceful sound of its gentle waves lapping the shoreline, the warmth of the sun lightly kissing your face and digging your toes in the clean, white sand? The beach can be one of the most beautiful, serene places on earth. Why not pair it with one of the most important days in your life – your wedding day?

Ah, but the beach is not only one of the best options for your wedding venue, a beach wedding is one of the most affordable places to hold a wedding ceremony. With a beach wedding, you have the perfect built-in venue for one of the most spectacular days of your life; and it offers remarkable scenery beyond compare, with the potential to create countless lovely memories…all at a price you can easily afford.

To plan your affordable, unforgettable beach wedding with a knowledgeable, friendly wedding design consultant, call Affordable Beach Wedding at 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179 today…and don’t forget to ask about our special wedding package pricing!