Shoes Can Make the Dress: 2024 Wedding Shoe Trends

If you’d like to add just a touch of rebellious flair to your bridal attire, consider making a bold statement with your choice of wedding shoes. Plus, imagine how much more fun the removal of the garter will be when your guests get an eyeful of your pretty kicks. Here are some of the wedding shoe styles that are trending in 2024…

You may have heard that wedding décor with an abundance of flowers is all the rage. Well, the flower-packed wedding theme has – you guessed it – reached bridal shoes. So you may want to opt for a wedding shoe in a floral design or adorned with floral ornaments such as pretty rosettes or 3-D petals.

Brides are also choosing comfort over pain this year, with everything from adorable ballet flats, to stretchable mesh, extra soft cushioning and even bridal sneakers with sequins, beads and bows are big! For high heels, everything from sexy stilettos, to edgy platforms will do.

As far as color, metallics including rich gold and shiny silver are trending in wedding shoes too, as well as romantic blush tones and – believe it or not – bold, cherry red. If you’re looking for something blue, how about a blue insole?

Retro 60s and 70s beads and tulle are in, as well as the 90s-inspired wedding mule with a cone heel. Today’s brides are maximizing with sparkling crystals, rhinestones, pearls, French lace, bows and even feathers and ruffles, and minimizing with elegant silks.

Don’t forget that all those beautiful beachside wedding venues here in Florida scream for bedazzled flip flops and strappy sandals!