Cinderellas Dream

Cinderella Package: $3,200

Cinderella Package Includes

  • 4 post canopy
  • 20 to 40 chairs (decorated)
  • Welcome table – The welcome table is set for you to put your guest book and anything you have for your guest to have during your ceremony.
  • Welcome Flags – 4 Large White Wedding Flags
  • Heart Around Canopy – The heart is done around your canopy in your colors.
  • Music (song of your choice played on a nice speaker system)
  • Photography ( 1 hour of photos unedited.) editing can be added with our professional photographer.
  • Isle decoration ( lanterns, driftwood, flowers, grass and seashells are the options)
  • Sand ceremony ( unity sand ceremony is a keepsake for the couple. Multiple colors can be used to include children.)
  • Officiant ( you can choose your vows from what we offer under services or you can write your own. You are welcome to have your officiant instead of ours. )
  • Filing license ( you will go together to any Court house in the state of Florida and get your marriage license. Bring it to us and our officiant will sign and notarized. Then we will mail it back to the courthouse using the self addressed envelope that is provided.
Cinderella Package — Book your Cinderella Package Today

Deposit: $700 (Non-Refundable) Please note: Price is for drive area only and there’s additional charges if the location is hard access.

Details: This is a Daytona Beach Wedding package that any Princess would be completely happy with. (The same wedding canopy as the “Elegant Wedding Oasis” package, but with all the most requested extras!) “The Cinderella” package is the most elegant and most desired look for your wedding and photos. It is our most requested package because it prefect for the couple to have all the important things that makes a beach wedding for a princess. Lucky Bamboo Wedding Canopy decorated in beautiful flowers and your choice of colored fabric. We use the best wedding fabrics available to ensure an elegant classy look. We are definitely affordable but never cheap looking.

Seating: When you purchase this package, we make sure everyone has a seat, up to 40 guest.

Music: We will create a playlist using your choices. We play the music using a nice PA system. We advise about 15 to 20 songs. The first 20 minutes of music will be playing while your guest are gathering and being seated. You will pick a song for bridal party then one for the brides walk. Once you are pronounced husband and wife, we start the music again playing a celebration style song. The rest of the songs while play while you mingle with your guest and during the time we do the pictures. Total time for music should be around an hour or so.

Photographs: 60 minutes of pictures given all rights to you. We work very hard to make sure you get all the shots you would want. We take lots of photos during the ceremony and afterwards. It is very important that you let your guest know that you paid for photography. Many times, if not every time, the guest will stand with their phones. This is understandable but it’s not good for your photos of your wedding. Many times we miss the all important shots because someone standing and blocking the shot. We want your pictures to be beautiful and in order for us to deliver that, we need everyone’s cooperation.

Isle Markers: We use lanterns with candles, flowers, Grass and driftwood are used in most cases.

Unity Sand Ceremony: The sand ceremony  is a wonderful addition to your vows. Because the wind prevents us from lightning candles, we use sand. This also gives you the opportunity to include children and or parents. You may chose the colors you want to use. We offer the heart vase in black wrought iron stand. It’s also a very nice keepsake for your home. You may bring your own if you want a different vase.

Officiant: Our officiants are both male and female. Both have performed many weddings. We are very personal and professional but yet can add humor if you desire. Filing Marriage License:  You will go to any courthouse in the state of Florida to get your marriage license. Bring it with you so we can sign and mail your license for you. You will get them back by mail in about 2 weeks. We can sign them on the spot if you need them processed sooner. You would just take them back to the courthouse to be processed in person. Flowers: We use high quality silk flowers. We don’t provide personal flowers. Any flowers dropped on the beach are required to be real or biodegradable.

Your choice of colors: WHITE AND IVORY ARE STANDARD Black, White, Silver, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Fuchsia, Orange, Pink, Purple, Purple Haze, Red, Turquoise, Apple, Mint Green, Yellow, Burgundy, Eggplant, Turquoise green, Light Blue, Coral and more. We are always adding colors to our selection to make sure we have the last color trends.

If you require further wedding planning concerning receptions, rehearsals, dinners, hotels, etc., we can provide information to area vender. Call Eva at (386) 428-0777  or (386) 279-1179. Add a Slideshow DVD to your package.

See Terms and Fees. Please read what is included in each package. (If you do not want all that is included in the agreed upon package, the price of the package does not get discounted). Package prices may change on or near holidays.