A Beach Wedding Package Custom Tailored for You

When you choose Affordable Beach Wedding planning services, you can choose wedding packages ranging from those fit for a princess, to those designed with royalty in mind, to wedding ceremonies that appear as if they popped right off of the pages of a fairytale – each customizable so that they perfectly meet your particular needs and style.

For instance, imagine the majestic beauty that only the ocean can offer and the peaceful sense of calm that the surf gently lapping the sand just beyond your wedding canopy provides. That canopy is artfully wrapped in elegant fabrics, ribbons and flowers in the colors of your choosing. The guest chairs are adorned in matching ribbon and fabric. White flags gracefully flowing in the breeze and a table with your guest book and guest favors of your own design welcome attendees. 

The isles are marked with driftwood and ornamental grasses and music of your choosing plays while guests are seated, throughout the bridal party entrance, during the bride walk and while you take some time to mingle with your wedding guests.

Marry the love of your life on New Smyrna Beach, which was voted “Florida’s Best Beach” for seven years; the fun filled city of Ormond Beach; Lighthouse Point Park in Ponce Inlet, which offers a more private setting with wooden walkways along the dunes; or world famous Daytona Beach. You can opt for traditional vows or write your own that come straight from your heart. Maybe you’d like a sand ceremony in which two colored sands are melded and placed in a heart shaped keepsake vase to signify your unity. From fresh flowers, to a slideshow or a restaurant reception to follow, Affordable Beach Wedding packages can be custom tailored just for you. Call 386-428-0777 or direct to cell at 386-279-1179 to learn more.

Wedding Registry Must-Haves and Other Suggestions!

To help ensure your wedded bliss and that you don’t end up with three woks, a well-planned wedding registry could do the trick…or at least help.

On the practical side, if you don’t already have any of these items in your kitchen, you really may want to consider adding them to your wedding registry:

  • An air fryer or toaster oven will bring tasty treats to the perfect crisp.
  • Whether you prefer healthy kale smoothies or frozen margarita weekends (or both), a blender is a great addition.
  • You will need a good knife set (NO, not for the bad days – jk!) for each chopping, slicing and dicing application and a kitchen dinner set to make kitchen prep more enjoyable.
  • Whether it is a one-and-done or eight-cup variety, a coffee maker is a must if you have a coffee lover in the house.

Ok, so on to comfort, entertaining and even adventure…

  • Cozy, quality bed linens are definitely a must.
  • How about a barbeque set or patio furniture for when you move the fun outdoors?
  • There are elegant candlesticks, photo frames and wireless speakers to be had.
  • Wall art can personalize your home together.
  • Wine glasses, champagne flutes and anything else you choose to set a beautiful table are also an excellent choice for your registry.
  • Want to maintain your sense of adventure and fuel more fun times? If you like to camp, camping equipment isn’t off the table.

Here’s another thought. No one wants to go into debt before their marriage even starts, so how about a contribution toward your honeymoon or new home deposit fund?

Been together forever and don’t really need anything? A donation to your favorite charity is another excellent wedding registry option, because what better way to pay tribute to an affair of the heart than by supporting a cause that is near and dear to your heart?

Wedding Planning Included!

The wedding of a lifetime doesn’t have to deplete your life savings. Affordable Beach Wedding, offering beautiful, romantic wedding ceremonies by the sea, enables you to celebrate one of life’s most memorable days affordably.

Affordable Beach Weddings are elegant and professional with one-on-one personalized wedding planning included so you don’t have to worry about a thing. At Affordable Beach Wedding, we take care of all your wedding ceremony and reception needs from start to finish. 

This can be exceptionally helpful, especially if you are planning a destination wedding. Planning a long-distance affair can be intimidating, but with Affordable Beach Wedding’s intimate knowledge of the area and long-standing relationships with an extensive network of premier wedding vendors, you can pull it off with only one incredible hitch – YOURS!

Affordable Beach Wedding offers access to perfect ceremony locations on the beach; amazing restaurants, resorts and recreational facilities nearby; wedding services including on-site hair and make-up, decorations, music, photography, videography and officiating; and customizable wedding packages for every budget.

Your wedding day is a monumental occasion, so why go it alone when you don’t have to? Call Affordable Beach Wedding at 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179 (cell) for more information or email eva@affordablebeachwedding.com. Affordable Beach Wedding is just an hour drive from Orlando and serves Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet, Sanford, Ormond Beach, Edgewater and the Central Florida area.

Ponce Inlet Wedding for the Win

A Ponce Inlet wedding is a win…in fact, it is a win-win! It’s got all the glorious beachside beauty and magnificence deserving of your wedding day and it is an amazing vacation destination for your guests.

Theme-park heaven, with Disney World, SeaWorld, Epcot, Universal Studios, Gatorland, The Crayola Factory and Legoland, is just a convenient drive away; and Daytona Beach offers waterparks and splash pads, as well as the iconic Bandshell Amphitheater right on the boardwalk. There are miles upon miles of beautiful beaches and oceans, rivers and bays for watersports galore; and don’t forget the museums, shopping, golf courses, unsurpassed nightlife and beachside bistros for seaside dining and indulging in refreshing adult beverages!

Ponce Inlet is even the perfect place for a honeymoon if you so choose. Stay at one of many nearby beachfront, ocean view hotels, B&Bs or condos, wake up to a leisurely breakfast at your choice of the delightful and delicious cafes and coffee houses close by, dig your toes in the warm white sand and walk along the charming and historic streets of surrounding towns. There are also a bunch of fun local pubs and live music venues where you can share a toast during a romantic night on the town.

Ponce Inlet itself is the serene home of absolutely gorgeous surroundings, as well as a famous lighthouse, its very own Marine Science Center and Natural History Museum and Hidden Treasures Restaurant and Rum Bar which conjures mental images of pirate days gone by and is an excellent venue to overlook the water, enjoy a bite to eat and let the beachy vibe wash away everything else but the two of you.

Stream Your Wedding Live for Those Who Can’t Make It!

When you picture the perfect wedding, is it a destination wedding – one with palm trees, warm rays of sunshine on sandy beaches with glistening water and blue skies? Destination weddings are popular because they offer all of the amenities of a tropical resort, they have a honeymoon venue for you and a vacation venue for your guests built right in and they can be very affordable. So, what’s the hold-up?

Are you like so many people who forgo their dream destination wedding in exchange for a local, run of the mill wedding so that everyone you care about can more easily attend? Don’t give up your dreams when it’s not necessary.

There’s a solution for everyone…We stream everything, from our favorite television shows and movies, to our sports games and gaming. So why not stream your wedding? That’s right, you can stream your wedding for all of the people who are important to you, but can’t make it!

Do you have an older relative who is infirmed or might not otherwise be able to travel? Does your cousin have a house full of kids who weren’t invited or who may just be too cumbersome or expensive for her to transport? Are some of your friends limited on funds so they had to decline your invitation? No worries, they can all watch your wedding live (and so can anyone else you choose!) with everyone who attends when you stream your wedding in real time.

If you have any questions about making your dream wedding a reality, just contact the premier wedding planners on Florida’s majestic coast – Affordable Beach Wedding (386-428-0777 or direct to cell at 386-279-1179).

Long Distance? No Problem! We Specialize in Destination Weddings

Do you live up north, but prefer to have your wedding somewhere where you can enjoy the temperate weather and majestic scenery? Maybe you worry that planning a destination wedding may be cumbersome from afar? 

No worries! You don’t have to be familiar with our world’s most magnificent beaches because we are! With many years of destination wedding planning experience and an extensive network of wedding vendors from wedding photographers, to florists, music and even hairstylists and make-up artists, the wedding planning professional at Affordable Beach Wedding can make your wedding a turnkey experience. And unlike many swanky wedding venues a little farther north, Florida’s majestic beachline is a much more beautiful, remarkably affordable option.

What could be better than a wedding destination within a tropical atmosphere where you can enjoy warm breezes with your toes in the sand and a front row seat to a picturesque ocean view? The correct answer is…all of that and more planned by Central Florida’s premier wedding planner – Affordable Beach Wedding! 

To rest assured that your destination wedding will be memorable (in an extremely good way) and that all of your wedding guests will have an amazing time, simply call Affordable Beach Wedding at 386-428-0777 or reach us by cell at 386-279-1179.

Things We Wish We Knew Before the Wedding

I’m going to have to fess up here and let you know off the bat that we were lucky, and the title of this blog is somewhat of a sham…because, before my wedding, we decided to employ the services of Affordable Beach Wedding, Central Florida’s premier wedding planners. So, with their help, we knew all the things I needed to know and all those things were handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

One of the things I found out was that, even though a beach wedding is one of the most beautiful ways to say “I do,” it can be one of the most inexpensive. Nature’s beauty is free and Affordable Beach Wedding offers an amazing selection of wedding packages to suit any budget.

I also didn’t have to worry about booking the best vendors from afar for my destination wedding because Eva, at Affordable Beach Wedding, works with an extensive network of wedding vendors, from DJs, to photographers, videographers and more.

With Affordable Beach Wedding, you don’t have to worry about decorations because you can be married under a lovely canopy, your guests’ chairs can be adorned with lush fabric ribbons that match your wedding theme colors and your aisle can be lined with lanterns. 

An experienced officiant will preside over your wedding vows, delivering a beautifully memorable service, and all of your paperwork will be filed without you having to give it a thought.

Also, because they were so knowledgeable about the area, they even went over and above by recommending different things our guests might like to try locally!

Favorite Parts When You Look Back

Looking back, there are so many sweet and amazing things I remember about my wedding. Here are a few of my favorites…

The moment just before we said our vows, when my husband-to-be looked into my eyes and everyone and everything else just melted away…It was like we were the only two people in the universe; and the ceremony at the beach was so moving. We felt like we were one with the beauty of nature as we pledged your lives together forever.

Then there was the dance with my dad. I still cry (happy tears, of course) when I think of it.

Plus we have photos and video of my grandparents that I would not otherwise have. They looked so happy and so beautiful and handsome. My grandparents are gone now, but I will have those memories and keepsakes for a lifetime.

The same can be said of the funny photos and videos we have which encapsulate the crazy antics of our best friends. That day was all so much fun! We laughed and we cried. Specifically, I remember my maid of honor tearing up when I broke out the attendant gifts and placed her bracelet on her wrist. I think I may love her as much as my husband!

For all of you who love to play dress up, get ready to ride that ride until you run out of tickets! I felt like a princess with my court and a bunch of handsome princes to chivalrously escort us. It was like a fairytale come true.

The reception was just as perfect. It was held at our favorite beachfront venue and all of our favorite foods were served. Although, I must admit, we were so amped up that I don’t think we could even taste it!

There is no better wedding venue than the beach. It is the most beautiful place on earth and the Daytona Beach area provides a built-in honeymoon as well as an epic place to vacation for all your friends and family.

Our wedding was the biggest party we ever threw for ourselves and everyone who meant the most to us was there to share our special day. That only happens once in a lifetime (mostly) and it was absolutely perfect.

With Affordable Beach Wedding, it is even better because you don’t have to worry about a thing from the moment you get out of bed until the moment you’re back in it!


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Picture perfect…Breathtaking…An outstanding job from start to finish…Could not have been more pleased…Spectacular…Flawless service…Just right…A memory that will last a lifetime…Everything you wish for in a wedding. However, these aren’t our words. They are the words used by countless satisfied Affordable Beach Wedding clients. 

If you visit affordablebeachwedding.com, you will see seemingly endless testimonials that speak to the unrivaled service continuously provided by Eva and her team of wedding specialists. These are just a few…

Alex and Courtney said, “Everything was so perfect and smooth…perfection.”

Tiffany and Chris Gray also could not have been happier, “Eva was so friendly, considerate and attended to our every need. It was more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. Affordable Beach Wedding made our special day the most beautiful and memorable in our lives!”

But it’s not only the brides and grooms that walk away astounded, “A guest described their experience as the very best wedding. It was my vision come to life. Thank you for making my dream come true,” said Antoinette Cantrell.

Even challenges are met with ease by the professionals at Affordable Beach Wedding. “Our last minute date didn’t leave much time for planning, but they were so nice to work with and took care of everything. We had the perfect beach wedding…something I will always remember.” – Sarah and Jimmy

The accolades go on and on, “We are so pleased to have found Affordable Beach Wedding. We could not be happier,” said Graham and Leah; and Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez said that they “could not have asked for anything better.” Now, who can argue with that?

Marie F. said, “It was just beautiful and I would highly recommend this company to any bride looking for a wedding in Florida.” We would too, but – as you can see – we don’t have to!

Where the Expression “Tie the Knot” (and other Wedding Traditions) Originated

The phrase, “tie the knot,” refers to the handfasting ceremony practiced back in the days of old. Handfasting is an ancient Celtic custom that dates back to medieval times. The idea behind it is that by tying a strip of cloth in a knot around the wrists of a betrothed couple, it transforms two into one, binding them in holy matrimony. Today the phrase, “tying the knot” has expanded its meaning to just another way to say that someone is getting married.

Another romantic tradition is the ring finger, a sign of love and long-standing devotion. Wearing a wedding band on the fourth finger – the ring finger – dates back to ancient Egypt. At that time, it was believed that a vein ran all the way from the fourth finger directly to the heart. In ancient Rome, this vein was referred to as vena amoris – the vein of love. Sadly, we have no vein of the sort, but the tradition lives on.

Also, the bride always stands to the left of the groom so that he can keep his right hand free to draw his sword to protect her. It’s not necessarily something we need quite as much today, but this particular ritual has also become a steadfast tradition. Speaking of sword wielding knights in shining armor, getting down on one knee to propose can be traced back to a time when knights knelt before nobility to express their undying devotion.

Plus, do you know why bridesmaids dress alike? Way back in the day, bridesmaids dressed not only like each other, but like the bride to confuse any evil spirits.