Tiara Styles

Heavy is the head that wears the crown? Not always! From minimalist, barely-there tiara styles, to traditional tiara styles and to those modern tiara styles that really make a statement, there are numerous sizes and shapes with or without gemstones arranged in many different ways to meet every bride’s particular tastes and meld perfectly with your wedding style and theme.

Of course, you have the regal tiara, that tiara everyone pictures in their mind’s eye…the tall tiara resembling a royal crown and descended from kingdoms past.

Possibly more reminiscent of fairy tales, the delicate wreath tiara is one which forms a circle of flowers or vines around the crown of the bride’s head.

There is a wishbone tiara which meets at the back and frames the head, extending around the sides in a V-shape to frame; and a double band tiara, which is an overlapping of two crisscrossing metal or gemstone laced bands.

The headband tiara, resembling its namesake is simple and elegant, while a Russian headdress tiara is a massive wall of gemstones that is nothing short of show-stopping.

A circlet tiara encircles the head. An example is the famous Oriental circlet of opals and diamonds set in high arches, which was upgraded by future royalty to include rubies as well.

A gorgeous wedding attire accessory, tiaras can range from very inexpensive (yet still lovely) rhinestone and plastic tiaras to the real deal made from precious metals and gemstones.

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