Wedding Attire for Men

Wedding attire for men can depend on time of day – with evening being more formal than daytime. Appropriate wedding attire can also differ depending upon the wedding venue. For instance, a beach resort wedding will usually only require a jacket and trousers, with lighter colors being acceptable; while is it better to be overdressed for a ballroom venue or a religious environment, where you should always be respectful. More unique venues, such as an art gallery or a winery, are perfect for cocktail attire. 

While we are on the subject, wedding cocktail attire for men allows for optional neckwear, but a jacket should still be worn.

The most formal wedding attire option is white tie, requiring a black tailcoat, white shirt, white vest, white bowtie and back trousers. Can’t you just imagine a precious little ring bearer walking down the aisle in that? Oh my.

Formal wedding attire, requiring a black tuxedo, white shirt, black bowtie and black dress shoes, is referred to as black tie. Semi-formal is black tie optional, allowing for a dark suit, white shirt, tie and dress shoes.

Since we are located in the land of beautiful beach weddings, beach formal would be light colors such as tan or gray, light materials, such as linen and with or without neckwear.

A suit or jacket is best for vineyard or garden wedding attire, while dark colors are also usually avoided.

Casual wedding men’s attire would typically be trousers and a button-up shirt, but this is the one wedding attire option where – if you feel comfortable and think your hosts would be comfortable, that Hawaiian shirt might fly.


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