Black Wedding Dress Trend

For those who know where they are going without being told to do so, with a style uniquely their own, there is a new, striking wedding dress fashion development trending – the black wedding dress.

Regal, out of the ordinary and untraditional, the black wedding dress trend has taken the fashion world and weddings by a storm. Although traditions are important to most, sometimes traditions can pigeonhole us into choosing things that aren’t quite right for us, such as a white wedding dress. In fact, A-listers, including Chloe Sevigny, grasped that concept decades ago and have strayed from the beaten path to wear a black wedding dress. 

Black dresses can also be elegant bridesmaid dresses. Ask any of your friends if they would prefer a fuchsia dress made of tulle or one a silky black one? Just sayin’. Plus, I can speak from experience when I tell you that my best friend threw one of the best New Year’s Eve parties ever when she got married that night and all of her bridesmaids wore velvety black gowns for the occasion…and at the risk of showing my age, that was over 25 years ago! 

Unlike white, black dresses can be more flattering to more figures and, like white, they go with pretty much everything. Additionally, if you decide to schedule your wedding in the evening, black is a great color for nighttime events. So, it’s no wonder the black wedding dress has made its way into what may just be the most important day of our lives.

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