Wedding Contract

Wedding Ceremony Agreement and Contract

This Agreement, dated ______________ by and between Affordable Beach Wedding LLC (hereinafter called the Officiant or ABW) and ___________________ (bride)
and ________________________ (groom)
(hereinafter called the couple) agree as follows:

1. The Officiant shall perform a marriage ceremony for the couple
on the ______ of __________ at _____(times)
and _______________________________________ (facility)
located _____________________________________________

2. The Officiant warrants that he/she is a professional Officiant; recognized as fully qualified to officiate at weddings in the State of Florida.

3. ABW will provide the following services for the fee of $____________ under the terms of this agreement. All additional services as listed below are discretionary to the couple and must be
agreed to and payment is due as listed.

4. The ABW will work with the couple by e-mail, telephone, text or in person to allow them to prepare or choose their custom service. Officiant has sample services (vows) available for the couple or the couple may choose to modify the samples, create a ceremony or use one of their own choosing. The Officiant reserves the right to refuse any service that he/she is not comfortable performing, at which time a refund ( other than nonrefundable deposit ) may be made to the couple.

5.The Officiant shall arrive at the wedding location prior to the time of the scheduled service with enough time to allow for setup of the wedding package. Officiant is prepared to dress in the manner that suits the style of your wedding, provided it allows him/her to dress appropriately for the ceremony style. Costs may be charged to the couple for special clothing requests.
−Service includes travel within the New Smyrna Beach, Fl. Area. A travel fee may apply for travel outside the New Smyrna Beach area.
−Bad Weather: In case of rain, high winds or abnormally high tides, we will move your arch or canopy to your reception site within our service area. You may also reschedule providing the new date is not reserved. It is the couple’s responsibility to have a back-up location for the wedding ceremony in case of bad weather. We will make every effort to have the ceremony on the beach. If we can wait out a storm for a short period of time, we will. But if we can’t, we will try and move the wedding to your reception venue (*additional travel fee may apply if your site is outside of New Smyrna Beach – *some decorations may not be able to be used at the alternate ceremony site). Some parts, or all of our set-ups might not be able to be installed during inclement weather. If there is a Hurricane Warning, we would be happy to reschedule the ceremony for another day. No refunds due to bad weather. ABW reserves the right to make decisions for the safety of our crew as well as you and your guest. Lightening and wind can be very dangerous on the beach. We will not risk anyone’s safety for any reasons.

−Late Start: Affordable Beach Wedding LLC has agreed to provide services to you at a specified time. Your guests should also expect that the wedding will start on time. Therefore, a late fee will be charged for any wedding that does not start within 30 minutes of the specified time. Over thirty minutes late will be assessed a $100 fee; 45 minutes or later $200, and any wedding that has not begun within 1 hour after the scheduled time may be canceled and disassembled with no refund, at Affordable Beach Wedding’s discretion.
−Your wedding set-up and photography: is for an hour after your scheduled start time. This allows enough time for your photographer to take pictures of you with your set-up. We strongly suggest at the end of your ceremony to do this. If you need the wedding ceremony set-up longer than one hour, additional fees may apply (see below).
−Wedding Packages: All wedding package prices are set to save you money. Changes to these preset packages may also change the cost of the package. (As an example, if you require that we have different flowers than what is shown in our wedding packages, and we don’t have them readily available in our current stock, we will have to research and order those flowers for your wedding ceremony. In this case, you will be charged for our time, the product and the shipping.)
−Wedding Planner: Wedding planning comes free with every wedding package. The amount of time spent on planning should be relatively small due to preset packages. Affordable Beach Wedding LLC reserves the right to terminate wedding planning if we feel that the wedding planning process is taking too long and costing us too much time. We do understand that every couple wants things a little differently and we are very willing to spend time planning your wedding with you, however there is a limit to how much time we can spend on planning. A $100 per hour wedding planning fee may apply and you will be advised prior to being charged. This includes in-person conversation, phone calls, texting, email and all other forms of communication. This fee will be charged in 15 minute increments.
−Rights of Refusal: Affordable Beach Wedding LLC reserves the right to refuse our services. In this case see “REFUNDS” below.
−REFUNDS: We will refund 45 days or greater from your wedding date, all payments EXCEPT Your “wedding date reservation” fee and any special order items. NO REFUND ON CANCELATIONS WITHIN 45 DAYS OF WEDDING DATE. The couple is responsible for balance unpaid as well.

6. In the event that the scheduled officiant is unable to perform the couple’s wedding ceremony due
to illness, hospitalization, accidents, transportation breakdown or other unforeseeable causes,
he/she will make every possible attempt to notify the couple and arrange for another Affordable Beach Wedding LLC associate to substitute, or provide assistance in attaining another company to perform the ceremony. In such an event that no substitute is available, all monies paid by the couple to ABW except nonrefundable deposit, will be returned and the couple hereby agrees that the officiant will NOT be held liable for any damages (including punitive) due to the non-performance of the ceremony or function.

7. Should ABW or one of Abw’s subcontractors provide photography or video of your ceremony/reception, ABW owns the copyright to all images created. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, ABW gives permission to the Client to post photos online and make prints. The Client may not sell the photos or videos.

In consideration for these services, the couple agrees as follows:

1. The couple understands that they must obtain a valid marriage license from the state of Florida. Couple agrees to provide the license to the Officiant prior to ceremony.

2. The responsibility for filing this certificate with the county clerk’s office is solely that of the Officiant. The Officiant is legally obligated to return the completed License to the County Clerk’s office where the License was obtained by the couple within 30 days of the wedding ceremony. The license will be mailed using priority mail to ensure safe delivery with tracking information.

3. This agreement is valid for the wedding service for the place and date stated above. Any change
to time, place, date or wedding package must be agreed to in advance by the Officiant and may be subject to additional fees. The couple realizes that the Officiant performs other ceremonies for other couples and that excessive lateness or change of time can create a serious conflict in the Officiant’s
schedule. Also, see “REFUNDS” above.

4. The couple agrees to pay the Officiant the ceremony performance fee of $___________ as listed above plus any additional agreed upon services, products or unusual travel expenses not listed above. a) To reserve the date, a non-refundable retainer fee shall be remitted with this signed agreement. Payment to Affordable Beach Wedding LLC may be in the form of a check and received at least 30 days prior to your ceremony, or by Credit Card through Paypal at least 30 days prior to your ceremony. All prices listed can be paid via cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute. Check cards or debit cards with either a Visa or MasterCard logo are supported and treated just like a credit card. Payment is normally received through our website at

5. Fees are based upon the amount of service time, wedding package agreed upon, travel, ordered products and all else agreed upon. If the service extends beyond the specified times, the couple agrees to pay the Officiant as listed above in “Late Start” for all additional time. These additional fees are due and payable prior to the signing of the marriage license or release of photos.

6. The couple accepts responsibility for purchasing items needed to perform the ceremony (unity
candles, sand, roses, etc.) unless previously stated in a wedding package. This agreement and any attachments constitute the entire agreement between the parties and may not be modified except in writing signed by both parties. No other representation or promises have been made except those that are set out in this agreement. If any part of this agreement is adjudged to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining parts shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect.

Your Wedding Package

IN WITNESS HERE, the undersigned have executed this Wedding Ceremony Agreement as of the date stated above.

Date: _________________________________
Bride: _________________________________
Address: _______________________________
City: __________________________________
State / Zip: _____________________________
Phone: ________________________________
Date: _________________________________
Groom: ________________________________
Address: _______________________________
City: __________________________________
State / Zip: _____________________________
Phone: ________________________________
Affordable Beach Wedding LLC
Eva Mullins
110 Virginia Street
Edgewater Florida 32132
386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179

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