How to Keep the Peace with Relatives at a Wedding Reception

Ever see those crazy wedding reception videos on YouTube…like the one where someone’s drunk Uncle Bobby Joe starts a fight with Uncle Billy Bob, wild punches ensue and one of them goes flying into the cake? Yeah, not so great, and guessing that’s not the entertainment you are looking for at your wedding.

Old wounds are sometimes bold wounds, and most families are bound to have them. However, I am sure you will agree that the fairytale wedding of your dreams is no place for a knock down drag out. So, there are a few things you can do to avoid massive mayhem on your special day.

First, you will want to invite wisely. If you are close to Aunt Edna and Aunt Edna hates Aunt Agnes because she stole her boyfriend 55 years ago, you may want to invite just one of them or possibly neither of them. If neither of those options is a possibility, hopefully you can avoid conflict with a strategic seating plan.

Make certain that Aunt Edna and Aunt Agnes are not seated at the same table; and, better yet, seat them at tables that are located on opposite ends of the room. The farther these potential sparring partners are placed apart (hopefully we are talking only verbal sparring here, but even so…), the better things will be for you.

It’s also a known fact that alcohol can be at the root of poor choices. As we don’t want any contentious situations to occur during your wedding reception, it is sometimes better not to serve alcohol around people who could exhibit questionable behavior. Keep in mind that sparkling cider is always nice for a toast!

Is White Still a Popular Wedding Dress Color for 2018

We all know the old Miss Manners’ rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, but are we still sticking to time-honored, somewhat antiquated traditions? Heck, most young brides probably don’t even know who Miss Manners is! For that matter, is white still the most popular wedding dress color for 2018?

Today, we tend to deviate from old-fashioned fashion rules and traditions, as evidenced by the stiletto fingernail, blue hair and man purse trends…just to name a few. And as with nail, hair and day to day fashion trends, wedding dress trends are on the move.

Roman brides wore white robes as a tribute to the god of marriage and fertility, and later, the traditional long white gown symbolized virginity; but as our times changed, more and more brides chose eggshell, cream, and ivory. Now there are brides who love the idea of a wedding dress saturated in color. In fact, Vera Wang’s wedding collections show everything from black and white to fiery red, to an entire assortment of rainbow colors.

So, it seems that the color of the wedding dress, as with every element of a wedding can vary from one bride’s idea of her dream day to the next bride’s preferences. And what she picks can become the centerpiece of the wedding, as well as dictate the entire color palette of the wedding. So go bold or go home, or stick to tradition. The choice is yours…and isn’t it nice to have so many choices?

What to Do When It Rains at Your Wedding Location

“Into each life, a little rain must fall.” Don’t let a little rain ruin one of the most special days of your life. Here’s what to do in case of rain at your wedding location…

The first thing you want to do is to be prepared. If you plan a beautiful beach wedding outside, cover your wedding arch, guest seating and reception area with tented canopies. Even if it doesn’t rain, the canopies can help to keep the sun out of your eyes and the wind off your back (and that of your guests as well!).

Another good idea is to make sure you have a backup plan. If you plan to have your wedding ceremony on the beach and then hold the reception at a beautiful ocean side restaurant venue, see if your restaurant of choice has available space in case you need to move your ceremony indoors due to weather. If not, you can always check around to see if there are other indoor facilities that can accommodate you and your guests during your ceremony should inclement weather require it.

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Planning a Daytona Beach Wedding Has Never Been Easier!

First, we sit down with you to find out everything you could possibly require to make your special day exactly what you desire. Then we individually tailor the wedding plan of your dreams. Our wedding planning experience and knowledge, as well as our reputation, are stellar recommendations, so even if you are not sure exactly what you envision, we can provide examples and suggestions to come up with the perfect event for you.

Our clients never have to lift a finger. They can leave absolutely all of the “heavy lifting” to us. We also understand how overwhelming and important this planning is to you, so we make sure you feel as though you are part of the process every step of the way.

Our extensive network of the area’s most exceptional special event vendors makes us the go-to, one-stop-shop for the wedding of your dreams. We work with only the best photographers, videographers, DJs, bands, caterers, florists and cake bakers, so you and your guests will enjoy every aspect of your special day.

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Daytona Beach Wedding: Where Your Magical Day Can Happen in Any Season

Daytona Beach is a magical place, where beautiful beaches are lapped by warm water, gentle breezes blow and the sun glistens on the ocean. Why not enjoy your magical day in a magical place? Daytona Beach is the perfect place for a wedding…in any season!

Peak season in Florida is mid-December – April, so if you are looking for gorgeous, temperate weather, this would be a great time to choose. Peak season will also offer your guests a respite from the colder weather wherever they live. Everyone needs a break from chipping ice from windshields, shoveling snow and driving (and just existing, for that matter) in inclement weather conditions.

Also, think of all the things there are to do in Daytona Beach during peak season. Your guests will have a ball! Think February for romantics and race fans! Aside from Valentine’s Day, it is time for the Daytona 500. In fact, Daytona Beach holds fabulous events all year long. There are live concerts, over-the-top car shows and festivals of every kind throughout the year. Did you know that Daytona Beach was named the “Festival Capital of Florida”?

If you are looking for a bargain, try off-season. Late spring and early fall are both beautiful times of year in Daytona Beach, Florida – when the weather is still mild (and not too hot), the crowds are thinner and you can get the most for your dollar. Peak season is prime time for wedding venues so, during the off-season, aside from enjoying better availability, you will pay less for your venue. Your guests will pay less for their plane tickets and accommodations, and other important items, such as your cake, flowers, and music, will all cost less for you.

Summer has its perks as well. Keep in mind that summer is the time when kids are out of school, so some of your guests may find it an easier time to make that trip to Florida. Those with kids may also enjoy the fact that America’s greatest theme parks are just an easy drive away!

Daytona Beach Is a Beautiful Place to Spend Your Magical Day

There is no better place for a destination wedding than Daytona Beach, which is famous for miles and miles of magnificent, pristine beaches. Imagine exchanging your vows with the love of your life, with your toes in the sand, against beautiful backdrop of waves gently lapping at the beach. That’s a Daytona Beach wedding, and Affordable Beach Weddings – Daytona Beach’s trusted source for exceptional wedding planning – specializes in tailoring beautiful weddings to each happy couple’s specific tastes and preferences.

Affordable Beach Weddings delivers elegant, professional wedding planning at an affordable price. We will work with you to create the wedding you have always dreamed of, and handle everything from the elegant arches and canopy displays, to on-site hair styling and make-up, to the finest photographers, videographers, florists, wedding cake designers, bands, DJs and more. We can even help you choose the perfect wedding officiant, help prepare your vows, and take care of your wedding license. It’s your special day, so feel free to leave all of the details to us while you enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

Don’t forget that Daytona Beach can make the days before and after the wedding incredibly enjoyable as well! The incomparable nightlife, unbeatable beachside shopping and dining, and engaging activities for the entire family also make the Daytona Beach area a perfect place for your guests (and you of course!). And if that wasn’t enough, Orlando’s theme parks, Kennedy Space Center and St. Augustine’s historic beauty are all only a convenient drive away.

There is no better place for a destination wedding than Daytona Beach, and there is no better wedding planner for a Daytona Beach wedding that Affordable Beach Weddings, Central Florida’s premier wedding planner.

Why Evening Ceremonies Are Romantic

With twinkling tea lights and the soft glow of the moon, what could be more romantic than an evening wedding? Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, and a night wedding is a great way to do just that!

Imagine trees wrapped in tiny white string lights and adorning your ceremonial arch. Candles could light your isle, and your bridesmaids could carry candles or lanterns. You could set off brightly lit lanterns into the sky when you take your first kiss, and guests could wave sparklers as you enter your wedding reception as husband and wife. Your table could be a candlelit sweetheart bistro table for two. Guests could dine under candlelit chandeliers. Or you could go more casual with tiki lights and bonfires.

Nighttime is a great time for a party. And, if we are being pragmatic here, it’s also cooler and less humid during Florida evenings, so it will be more comfortable for you, your wedding party and your guests than it would be in the heat of the day.

If you would like more tips on weddings with flair, contact Affordable Beach Wedding, Central Florida’s premier beach wedding company. The wedding experts at Affordable Beach Wedding will work closely with you to create the wedding of your dreams at an affordable price. They take care of all of everything, right down to the tiniest details.  Just call 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179.

Big Daytona Beach Events in 2019

Daytona Beach is an iconic beach destination with 23 miles of beautiful coastline, but it is so much more. It is located smack dab in the middle of Florida’s “Fun Coast” region, so put on your party pants and get ready for some spectacular events in 2019!

We kick off every great year with an extravagant New Year’s Eve Celebration on Main Street, complete with live music, vendors peddling fun and food and a spectacular fireworks display.

The Daytona 500 is the most prestigious race in NASCAR, and it is scheduled for February 17th in 2019. Watch NASCAR’s most seasoned professionals compete in a battle of skill and determination in Daytona’s largest and most celebrated event of the year.

Then feel the low rumble of hundreds of bikes during bike week in Daytona Beach from March 8th through the 17th in 2019. This event promises plenty of exciting entertainment all week long.

Daytona does the summer up right with the Family Festival and Hippiefest in June – both offering plenty of music, food and fun. Celebrate July 4th with a free Bandshell concert event and fireworks on the beach or at the Coke Zero 400 July 4th weekend at Daytona International Speedway.

Some of country music’s biggest stars perform throughout Memorial Day weekend at the Country 500 Festival. If music is your thing, don’t worry. Daytona offers a variety of options, including the three-day Daytona Blues Festival in October.

November is the month for the Halifax Art Festival, a cultural event of ginormous proportions. Later in November, on Thanksgiving weekend, Daytona Beach hosts the largest classic car show and swap meet in the United States – the Turkey Run.

The holidays are also a magical time. Don’t miss the Stetson Mansion Christmas Spectacular’s gorgeous display!

Types of Souvenirs for a Beach Wedding

A souvenir to commemorate an occasion as momentous as your wedding is always a wonderful thing, but beach wedding souvenirs can be even more fun and whimsical.

Go fun, but functional and greet your guests with baskets full of flip flops, plastic sunglasses (silly oversized or regular, depending upon the flow of your show), sunscreen and handheld fans to keep everyone comfy during the ceremony. You can also personalize any or all of these items with your names and the wedding date.

Maybe you are thinking of going in a little more elegant direction. Choose something like a silver box designed in the shape of a scallop, a box of decadent chocolate truffles shaped like seashells, sea stone jewelry that is both beautiful and unique and a wonderful reminder of your lovely seaside event.

Think beachy! Think fun! Choose from nautical wine stoppers, beachy luggage tags, seashell coaster sets, pillows or beach bags displaying beautiful beach scenes. Pick a personalized pilsner or stemless wine glass with an etched starfish or sand dollar.

Or go cute with a miniature beach chair photo frame, a palm tree bottle opener, or a tropical key chain or charm in the shape of an anchor, flip flop or palm tree.

Or think completely outside the box, and make your gift uniquely reflective of your very own particular style. The wedding souvenir you choose to give can be almost anything you can imagine.

For more souvenir ideas or any other help with wedding planning, call Central Florida’s trusted source for beach wedding planning – Affordable Beach Wedding.

Appropriate Gifts for a Wedding

When it comes to wedding gifts, cash is always a good idea. It can help the couple pay for the wedding, their honeymoon, college loans or to save for a house or their future. The hard part can be determining an appropriate amount to give.

The exact amount should depend on the relationship between the wedding couple and the person who is giving the gift. There is no exact science here, but the following may help to give you a better idea of what is acceptable. A gift of under $50 is generally considered too small. If you are attending a wedding for a co-worker or distant friend or relative, think $75-$100. If your gift is for a relative or friend, $100-$150 would suffice. If you are in the bridal party or attending the wedding for a close friend or close relative your cash gift should be more like $200+.

If you would prefer to gift an actual gift, the best rule of thumb is to stick to the registry. Many couples make it easy by setting up a website that links to their registry or money you can allocate toward different items for their honeymoon, such as a dinner sunset cruise or a portion of their plane tickets. Either way, the couple personally chose these items, so you can’t go wrong if you stick to their list.

Traditional wedding gifts have more of a modern twist these days. Simple bed linens and cutlery gifts have morphed into a more modern type of wedding gift, like spa-like bed or bath gifts such as satin sheets or luxurious personalized bath towels or top of the line kitchen appliances, cookware or gadgets.

Another good idea, if you are part of a group of friends in attendance or a member of the bridal party, is to band together as a group to purchase a big ticket item, they may not be able to purchase on their own.