Pros and Cons of a “No Kid Rule”

Children can be a delightful addition to weddings, ergo adorable flower children, ring bearers and little ones dancing with glee. However, kids can also present a certain set of challenges at weddings that grooms- and brides-to-be may not relish. For instance, kids can be unpredictable, causing disturbances at inopportune times; accommodating large families and the toll they can take on your headcount can present financial difficulties; and formal weddings may be far less appropriate for children than more casual daytime ceremonies. 

Just keep in mind that whether or not children are invited to attend your wedding ceremony is a topic that can be very divisive. In fact, some may assume children should always be invited and consider it impolite not to invite their children, some parents may need to leave early and some may opt not to attend your wedding at all. So, whatever you decide, it is always a good idea to tread lightly. 

If in fact you do decide not to include children, some of the ways you can word your wedding invitation so as not to ruffle too many feathers, might include: “Due to the guest limit…,””We apologize that we cannot accommodate children at our wedding,” and if you happen to be lucky enough to place the blame elsewhere, “Due to the restrictions of our venue…” 

You also have the option not to entirely exclude children from your wedding, instead placing certain limits on your inclusion of children, such as an adults only ceremony or reception; or choose to make some exceptions such as only inviting the children of people within your wedding party or your nieces and nephews. 

Other options include organizing childcare or paying for babysitters if you opt not to include kids at all. Or, you could decide to invite children and include a child’s menu and entertainment for kids.

The bottom line with a “no children” rule at your wedding is much like everything else on your special day. Your wedding is your day and you have the final say.

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