Summer Wedding Themes

Summer is one of the most romantic times of year, blending reflections of warmth, sunny days and growth – all perfect sentiments for a wonderful marriage. If you are considering a summer wedding, there is good news! The unique elements of summertime romance can be beautifully showcased by a variety of summer wedding themes. Here are just a few ideas…

Of course, there is the number one wedding theme which coincides with summer – beachside destination weddings, which offer the most magnificent backdrop for your special day; and they double as an excellent honeymoon, as well as provide exceptional vacations for your guests. Just an aside, lakeside weddings can provide the same gorgeous splendor and similar entertainment, and there are some absolutely stunning lakeside wedding venues here in Central Florida.

Speaking of waterside venues, a nautical theme, with beachy blues, seashells and seafood dishes is a summer wedding that defines new adventures – on which newly married couples will soon embark.

Anything reflective of nature is also a wonderful summer wedding theme, from a summer garden party with vintage dresses, parasols, pastels, string tea lights and mint juleps; to an outdoor summer wedding at a lovely vineyard with corks for place cards and wine gifts for your guests.

There are Grecian summer weddings, shabby chic summer weddings, summer weddings with sunflower or citrus (which is very appropriate here in Florida) themes and summer’s eve weddings with lanterns, gentle evening breezes and formal attire.

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