Funny Wedding Traditions

Do you happen to know the meaning behind “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”? Blue symbolizes love, fidelity and purity and, like, the “old” part, is supposed to ward off evil. Something new symbolizes looking optimistically toward the future and the borrowed item is a blessing from the world.

Then there is that whole “carry the bride over the threshold” thing. It’s said that Medieval Englanders believed that the bride was more vulnerable to evil spirits through the soles of her feet, so the groom protects her by carrying her…or, just maybe it is what they told their parents lest they think the newly married couple is too anxious.

Since evil spirits seem to be a theme here, so…In India, it is believed that you can exorcise evil spirits from an ugly girl by having her marry a goat or a dog before her actual wedding. Hmm.

Before the wedding in Kenya, the father of a Maasai bride spits on her and the mother-in-law shaves her head. Not quite the fairytale wedding you envision?

The Tujia people of China cry supposed tears of joy for days to prepare for the wedding. Hopefully there are more smiles after the wedding.

In Korea, it is thought that beating the soles of the groom’s feet with a fish while quizzing him is a good check of his strength and knowledge. Sounds like my third grade teacher’s methods.

The Japanese believe that three is a lucky number and nine, which is three times a three, is very lucky. That is why the bride and groom sip sake from three cups three times…not because they are in dire need of a meeting.

And in Morocco, a wedding can last for a week, so pack a bag!

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