Stream Your Wedding Live for Those Who Can’t Make It!

When you picture the perfect wedding, is it a destination wedding – one with palm trees, warm rays of sunshine on sandy beaches with glistening water and blue skies? Destination weddings are popular because they offer all of the amenities of a tropical resort, they have a honeymoon venue for you and a vacation venue for your guests built right in and they can be very affordable. So, what’s the hold-up?

Are you like so many people who forgo their dream destination wedding in exchange for a local, run of the mill wedding so that everyone you care about can more easily attend? Don’t give up your dreams when it’s not necessary.

There’s a solution for everyone…We stream everything, from our favorite television shows and movies, to our sports games and gaming. So why not stream your wedding? That’s right, you can stream your wedding for all of the people who are important to you, but can’t make it!

Do you have an older relative who is infirmed or might not otherwise be able to travel? Does your cousin have a house full of kids who weren’t invited or who may just be too cumbersome or expensive for her to transport? Are some of your friends limited on funds so they had to decline your invitation? No worries, they can all watch your wedding live (and so can anyone else you choose!) with everyone who attends when you stream your wedding in real time.

If you have any questions about making your dream wedding a reality, just contact the premier wedding planners on Florida’s majestic coast – Affordable Beach Wedding (386-428-0777 or direct to cell at 386-279-1179).

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