Your Wedding Dress: Is It Worth the Money?

Should you spend a fortune on your wedding dress? I am of the mind that your wedding is probably something you have dreamed of for many years…possibly the most special day of your life; and if you feel the higher cost of the perfect wedding dress is worth it, it probably is.

However, if we’re being pragmatic, the downside of wedding dresses with high price tags is that they can eat into all of your wedding niceties…such as your flowers, decorations, music, invites, cake, venue and how many people you can afford to invite. It may also mean the difference between whether you can afford a videographer, limousine service and those pretty wedding rings you have been eyeing.

There are options, though, which will allow you to have your wedding cake and eat it too. For instance, if you are planning a beach wedding, you have a gorgeous venue that doesn’t break the bank and you can do the same with your dress…because a simple, flowing dress is absolutely stunning for a beach wedding ceremony.

You also might want to consider secondhand options because that vintage wedding dress of your mom’s that she would love to see you walk down the aisle in, is 100 percent free; and you would, of course, have the added bonus of making your mom the happiest mother of the bride on earth. Plus, believe it or not, thrift shops can also provide amazing options for wedding attire; and, of course, you can browse online for a whole lot more thrifty options.

So, if it’s worth it to you to have that expensive wedding dress, go for it. If you would rather pay off your student loans, save for a down payment on a house or be able to afford an exotic honeymoon, there are a bunch of ways you can find an affordable wedding dress that will be nothing less than perfect for your special day.

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