Why You Should Write Your Vows

Writing your wedding vows can be a beautiful thing…a powerful message of your aspirations for the future and your commitment to the love of your life.

Unlike generic, universally scripted words, personally written wedding vows are your own words from your own heart – a wonderful gift to your betrothed. Writing your vows is an unequaled, inspiring way to begin your life together; and for many, it establishes an even deeper connection.

Personally written wedding vows also offer a unique perspective, and there is nothing more meaningful than your own thoughts and feelings on such a momentous occasion. Writing your vows is special – a once in a lifetime chance to declare your love for this person you cherish.

Since writing your wedding vows results in a creation that is uniquely yours, you can toss in fun tidbits…personal anecdotes to make your vows funny and entertaining, as well as tender and loving.

Writing your vows also makes your wedding more memorable and gives even more meaning to this sentimental moment in time. And need I say that writing your own vows is romantic? No matter the content, the gesture itself is undeniably romance on a stick.

Plus, here is the coup de grace! Your first wedding anniversary gift is slated to be paper. Framing your personally written wedding vows is both unquestionably sweet and positively touching.

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