Who’s Invited?

Your wedding is your special day, a day for sharing what could be the most momentous occasion in your life with the people who matter most to you. So who should you invite?

First a word of caution…One of the first things happy couples do when they begin to plan their wedding is to go a little overboard. It’s an exciting time. So it is understandable that we get caught up in the moment, wanting everyone in the world to share our joy. Realistically, though, most likely there is a limit to the amount of people you will be able to invite to your wedding. It may be due to the size of your reception venue, your budget or simply the type of event you are looking to create. 

When determining your wedding guest list, unfortunately guilt can sometimes weasel its way into the planning process. You want to try to avoid this. Besides the fact that your wedding planning should be a pleasurable experience, it is simply unfair of people to expect to be invited to your wedding simply because they work with you or they are a third cousin removed.

Subsequently, you need to make sure that your guest list is made up of the people who matter most… the people who have your back, the people you enjoy the most in the world, the people you love. Remember, it isn’t a family reunion or a high school reunion. It’s your wedding; and if you are spending the money to make your day special, you want to make sure your guests are special too!

Side note: If your main objective is for your wedding to be the biggest party in the history of parties, by all means, throw caution to the wind when creating your guest list. It’s YOUR day. Just try to avoid inviting anyone who may make things awkward for you or ruin your day because, once again, it’s YOUR day.

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