Message in a Bottle Isn’t Just a Police Song!

Looking for a way to make your wedding uniquely your own? A beach destination wedding can certainly accomplish that; and there is something else that may pique your interest.  A message in a bottle time capsule guest book is the perfect beach wedding accessory to put your own stamp on your wedding day! It’s a stylish alternative to personalize your beachside wedding inspired by the whole “message in a bottle” concept.

So here’s how it works. Unlike a traditional wedding guest book that is simply that – a book, this beautiful variation from other ordinary wedding traditions comes with an elegant, nautically designed “sea scroll” with enough space for at least 100 of your most beloved friends and family members to sign (Although you can order additional sea scrolls if you require space for more signatures.); and a sleek glass bottle with a stopper to keep it safe for all time and showcase it all.

A message in a bottle wedding keepsake is both lovely to prominently display in your home and a wonderful and innovative way to preserve and hold one of your most cherished memories close to your heart.

If you like this idea, you will be pleased to know that Affordable Beach Weddings, Central Florida’s premier wedding planner, can provide you with many more ideas that will make your special day distinctively your own. Call 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179 or email for a free consultation. Also feel free to peruse the various wedding packages on the Affordable Beach Weddings website for some more great ideas!


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