How Weddings Are Changing

Traditional weddings are alive and well, but so are the untraditional ones! Basically, one thing you can count on when it comes to weddings now is that anything goes…

Some brides are opting for less expensive dresses since they will only wear their wedding dress once; and bridal gowns can range from traditional white to bold and black. You also might notice that bridesmaids dresses don’t always match now, with brides opting to dress their closest peeps in the different colors and styles of dress that flatter each of them best. Plus, guests may be asked to wear everything from formal evening attire to beachwear and Hawaiian shirts.

Traditions, like tossing the bouquet and garter are often replaced with personalized reception fun ranging from football fans watching the game on a big screen TV to signature cocktails.

There are no “obeys” in the vows any longer and more and more brides are making their trek down the aisle alone, without someone giving them away.

Bridal parties are frequently chosen based on relationships instead of gender, so it is not unusual to see a man standing up for the bride.

Wedding cakes are sometimes tiers of extravagant cupcakes or donuts; and men are playing a bigger role in planning. Hence the groom cake trend.

Additionally, guest experiences like photo booths, cotton candy stations and ice cream bars are sometimes becoming even more extravagant with over-the-top entertainment like live performances and light shows.

The moral of this story is that while the institution of marriage has stood the test of time, the way couples tie the knot is definitely evolving. The especially good news is that it is easier and delightfully refreshing to reflect your own style and preferences on one of the most special days of your life.

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