Hairspray, Your Best Defense Against the Wind

Invited to a beach wedding (or planning your own) and stressing about how to protect your hairstyle from the wind? Stress no more! There are plenty of ways to keep your lovely locks in place…

The best styles that can hold their own against the wind are updos, so wear your hair in a sexy bun, an elegant ponytail, slicked back for a contemporary vibe or weave beautiful braids in one of a multitude of styles. To keep shorter hair out of your face when it is windy, you’ll probably want to pull back those bangs. Stylish headbands that match your wedding attire, pretty barrettes with plenty of bling, bobby pins and even light gel can all help keep hair from blowing in your face on a windy day.

Plus, here’s the even better news. Messed up and loose is totally in style when it comes to hair, so if your updo or braids begin to stray a bit, just go with the flow because messy is chic! Or here’s an idea, go with a messy hairstyle from the start! 

Another way to windproof your hair is to use more product. Yes, girls (and guys), spray that hairspray like you’ve never sprayed before. Also keep in mind that hairspray of the extreme hold and anti-frizz varieties protect hairstyles best on those breezy beach days.

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