Getting Married Before High Tide Crashes Your Wedding

You’re planning a beach wedding and you’ve thought of everything from the bridesmaids’ dresses in a soft blue that compliments your seaside theme, to your groom’s Steelers football themed cake and the cutest flip flop wedding favors.

You even have a plan in case that crazy ex of his decides to crash the wedding, but what if it’s not Felicia you need to worry about? A beach wedding is a gorgeous, unique, wonderful way to get married, as long as high tide doesn’t crash the ceremony!

Any wedding planner worth her sea salt will tell you that tide times play a major role in the planning of any beach wedding. Make certain you check the tide timing and plan your event during a time you know the tide is only going to get lower throughout your event. You don’t even want to think about what would happen if the tide rolled in during your ceremony. 

You can also plan to hold your wedding ceremony on a higher part of the beach that is less affected by the ocean’s tidal schedule. That way, your chairs, your canopy, your guest and you will remain safely tucked away on your own little piece of beach paradise.

Most importantly, you want a wedding planner you can rely on to schedule your beach wedding at the right time of day and/or the right area of the beach so that high tide doesn’t crash your wedding. Affordable Beach Wedding, Central Florida’s trusted wedding planner of choice, knows how to avoid the tides to keep your nuptials safe. 


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