Don’t Let Covid-19 Hijack Your Wedding

Lately, we’ve had to curb our activities and our lifestyles, but you shouldn’t have to delay your nuptials at a time when we all need love the most. It’s important that we are able to continue to live our lives as fully as possible and to move forward with the one thing you can be certain of in these uncertain times. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, outdoor activities are significantly safer than those held indoors. That’s just one of the reasons a beach wedding is perfect! A beach wedding, framed by one of the most majestic settings in the world, is also one of the most gorgeous and unique ways to say I do. 

Rest assured that Affordable Beach Wedding can make your dreams come true, even now within these unpredictable times…and we can pull it off beautifully! From elegant arches, to professional photography, flowers, ribbons, cake and music, you can be certain that your wedding is in very capable hands with an Affordable Beach Wedding professional wedding coordinator. Plus, beach weddings are a fabulous way to celebrate your special day in style without spending a fortune.

And here’s another great option: If you don’t want to put your life on hold, but you prefer to hold off on the big wedding for now, consider a micro-wedding. That’s right! Go ahead and hold that breathtaking wedding ceremony right on schedule with a smaller group made up of the people who love and support you the most. Then schedule that grand wedding celebration for later, with all of the pomp and circumstance you can muster!

No matter what you decide and how big your affair, Affordable Beach Wedding can help. Feel free to call 386-279-1179 if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

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