Things to consider when have a Daytona Beach Wedding in Florida

Daytona beach can provide a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for a beach wedding ceremony. It can also provide a fun environment for your guests to enjoy. To start planning your Daytona beach wedding, consider these tips.

The first thing is to choose a location. Decide if you want to get married on the beach in front of the hotel or resort your staying at or if you would like the ceremony near a beach front park. Daytona Beach has beautiful white sand and gorgeous blue water. No matter where you choose to say I do, you will not be disappointed in Daytona Beach Florida.

Preparing early is always a good start, however last minute elopement is also available. Once you’ve decided the location, it’s time to look at the logistics.

Do you need a permit to get married on the beach in Daytona? Couple who expect 50 or more guest will need a permit issued by Volusia county beach patrol. You will be required to purchase event insurance as well as the permit fee. Couples having under 50 guest is not required to have any special permits. Affordable Beach Wedding LLC will notify beach authorities of your wedding location and time.

Where will your guests stay? It’s always nice to research the area hotels and give your guest at least 3 options on hotels. You may want to give them references of places close to the wedding location, as well as budget friendly hotels.

Be willing to be flexible on time of day. Having a beach wedding in Florida, you never know what kind of weather you might get on the day of your wedding day. For this reason, it’s important to have a backup plan just in case you need it. We may have to adjust the time to avoid storms. If its not possible to be flexible with the time set for your wedding, you may want to have a back plan for location. Most couples will use their wedding reception venue. This should be verified with venue beforehand.

Affordable Beach Wedding LLC

Affordable Beach Wedding can offer advice for receptions locations in Daytona Beach Florida. Call us at 386-279-1179 or 386-428-0777 to get started planning your wedding on Daytona Beach in Florida.

Daytona Beach Weddings

Daytona Beach is the perfect place for your beach wedding! Why, you may ask? We have beautiful white sand and gorgeous blue water. Our beaches are big and wide with plenty of room for your to enjoy. Daytona is located in Volusia county, Florida.  Daytona Beach is also a principle city of the fun coast region of Florida. With lots of things to do, Daytona is always hosting events. The hard packed sand has made Daytona Beach famous for driving on the beach. Daytona has hosted racing for over 50 years due to the ability to drive on the hard sand beaches.  Daytona is the home of NASCAR headquarters and host several racing events every year. Daytona also host 2 biker events yearly. Bike week is held in early March with Biketoberfest following in October. We have performed many weddings for NASCAR fans and Bikers as well.

Ponce Inlet Florida is one of our favorite places to do weddings. Ponce Inlet is located on the southern tip of the peninsula just south of Daytona Beach. With natural dunes and the lighthouse in background, its the prefect spot for beautiful photography of your beach wedding.

Orlando is just 50 miles away from Daytona Beach. Couple who are visiting Orlando for Disneyland and other attractions, come to Daytona Beach for their beach weddings. So if a Fairy tale beach  wedding is in your dreams, look no further, Affordable Beach Wedding can make that dream come true! Call us at 386-428-0777 or 386-279-1179