Beach Wedding     Beach Hair     We Do Both!

Hair – it’s the crown glory…the first thing that people notice when they glance your way.

A Wedding – if it’s done right, it is the event of a lifetime…a day dreams are made of.

Affordable Beach Weddings does both and we do them expertly.

There’s hairsprayed high 80s hair. There’s short, spiky, bleached blonde hair. There’s librarian bun hair. There’s pink, purple, blue or green hair. There’s rasta hair. Then there’s beach hair…hair without a care…hair with that effortless tousled, sexy look. Tousled styles tend to work well because when the breeze blows, your hair is – of course – already tousled! Some argue that pinned up or pinned back hair is best to combat beach weather. Sleek, slicked back hair is a good option as well because it tends to remain in place. Whatever beach hair you desire, Affordable Beach Weddings can beautifully create that style for you.

Affordable Beach Weddings also provides elegant, professional wedding planning at an affordable price. We work with you to create the wedding of your dreams, and handle every detail – from elegant arches and canopy displays, to on-site hair styling and make-up, the finest photographers, videographers, florists, wedding cake designers, bands, DJs and more. We can even help you choose the perfect wedding officiant and vows, and take care of your wedding license.

Wedding coordination and all that goes with it can be pretty hairy. Affordable Beach Wedding is Central Florida’s trusted source for wedding planning, and who better to style your hair for your special day than the people who are showcasing your style on your special day? Hair’s to a lifetime of happiness!