Which Hair Styles Hold Up Best for Women at a Beach Wedding?

Hair today, gone tomorrow. That’s what can happen during a blustery day on the beach, so if you are planning to attend a beach wedding, it is best to know which hair styles can stand the test of time…or at least the beach test!

Beach weddings can be absolutely gorgeous. Your beach wedding hair should be gorgeous too…worthy of pristine white sand beaches and an enchanting seaside ceremony.

It’s a wedding, so why not go romantic with natural looking, loose, cascading hair? Beach breezes can’t mess that up. Nor can they dismantle a tousled, effortless looking, sexy style. Up-dos such as classic chignons are lovely, but can be quite questionable in the wind. Even a light breeze can undo a perfectly coiffed up-do. However, a bewitching combination of twists and tendrils can result in a “messy” up-do that is far less fragile. Another hair style that holds up well for women at a beach wedding is a braid. Braids tend to stay in place, and there are so many braided styles from which to choose. How about special occasion beach waves with a braided crown and a waterfall braid? That is a wonderful formal hairstyle for a beachside wedding.

And if you are worried that no matter what you do, your hair will end up a bit of mess, consider eclipsing your somewhat disorderly do with color! Imagine bold pops of blonde, silky sable or soft honey accents; or if you want to turn heads, you can do that famously with a vibrant red or rich burgundy.