When Is Wedding Season in Daytona Beach?

What is the best season for a destination wedding in Daytona Beach? Well here’s some good news you can use…It’s always wedding season in Daytona Beach! Daytona is sure to please you and your wedding guests any time of year, and here’s why:

Florida is known as the Sunshine State and Daytona Beach is aptly named its Festival Capital, so there is always a party in full swing. Daytona Beach’s nightlife, live music and entertainment are unsurpassed. There are great restaurants, beautiful beaches and it’s a place where the fun never ends. Plus, our weather is as warm and inviting as our engaging events that take place throughout the entire year.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and temperate in Daytona Beach from November through May, but there is an upside to the other months of the year as well. If you pick a wedding date from June through October, it may be a little hotter and there could be a chance of rain, but the prices you will pay for vendors, flights and accommodations are terrific; and demand goes down so you can have your pick of the best reception venues, hotels and resorts and so much more!

Okay, so let’s talk specifics. Imagine a wedding during the holiday season in Daytona Beach. The buildings and storefronts are festively decorated and the stately palm trees that line the streets are adorned with thousands of sparkling lights – it would seem in celebration of your special event. There are Christmas shows and events that will wow your guests; and what a perfect time to spend with all of the people you love in one place. A New Year’s Eve wedding, in a place that offers spectacular fireworks displays and celebratory parades by land and by sea, is also an incredible way to ring in the New Year. Valentine’s Day is a time for love; and any time over the course of the winter months is also a remarkable time to escape the blustery weather up north. Then, the end of high season comes along, which brings us to beautiful springtime. What’s not to like? 

So, you guessed it. Whatever time of year you choose for a wedding in Daytona Beach is a wonderful season to celebrate your special day!