When Is the Best Time to Have a Wedding in Daytona Beach?

It is often said that timing is everything. This is especially true when it comes to your wedding. Have you always dream of becoming a June bride? Or maybe Florida in February would add an extra element of warmth to your Valentine’s Day wedding? The season you choose for your wedding can make a world of difference in your event. 

Timing can affect so many things when it comes to a wedding. For instance, there are certain times of year when gardens flourish even more fully in Daytona, Florida. If you are holding an outdoor garden event, this is something you may want to consider. Also, if you are holding a beachside ceremony, keep in mind that there are certain times of year when the weather will be more accommodating for your Daytona Beach nuptials and more comfortable for your guests. Be cognizant of the hurricane and rainy seasons; and if you want a warm, summerlike day for your wedding, you may want to avoid the months that Daytona Beach could be a bit chillier (Chilly, of course, is relative to Floridians!).

Then there are some spectacular Daytona Beach events that will liven up your “party” if you plan your wedding around them. If your first date was a seafood dinner, consider the Daytona Crab and Seafood Fest in May. If you are art lovers, you could schedule your wedding around one of the country’s top art festivals – the Halifax Art Festival at Riverfront Park in May. Love music? There is the Beach Week & Music Festival starting at the end of July. Is that timing bad for you? Ok, then go for the Oyster Jam Music Festival – an annual oyster roast, with at least 15 live bands, in March. Whatever you decide, the world is your oyster in Daytona Beach!