What Makes Daytona Such a Famous Beach?

Why is Daytona such a famous beach? 

Is it the 23 miles of beautiful, white sand beaches that draw tourists from all over the world? The gorgeous beaches of Daytona make it one of the most beautiful and most popular anywhere, as evidenced by the more than 10 million people who visit and the countless wedding nuptials performed here each year.

Is it the fact that NASCAR racing all began here? Daytona beaches were always known for miles and miles of smooth, hard-packed sand, so it’s no wonder that racers roared down these long sandy straights for years. Then in 1948, Bill France founded NASCAR; and in 1959, the Daytona 500 – the largest stock car race in the world – began.

Is it Bikeweek that makes Daytona so famous? Bikeweek, the world’s largest motorcycle rally with approximately 500,000 people in attendance every year, is a high octane celebration with good food and great entertainment.

Is it the unsurpassed nightlife and entertainment offered by infamous Main Street Daytona and beyond that make Daytona so famous? No wonder it is the destination of choice for so many spring breakers!

Is it the luxurious beachfront hotels, the infinite dining options including fresh seafood with oceanfront views, the vibrant art scene and countless attractions including one of the oldest lighthouses and the Museum of Arts and Sciences?

Dubbed “The World’s Most Famous Beach,” Daytona’s allure can vary from person to person. What is it for you?