Is White Still a Popular Wedding Dress Color for 2018

We all know the old Miss Manners’ rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, but are we still sticking to time-honored, somewhat antiquated traditions? Heck, most young brides probably don’t even know who Miss Manners is! For that matter, is white still the most popular wedding dress color for 2018?

Today, we tend to deviate from old-fashioned fashion rules and traditions, as evidenced by the stiletto fingernail, blue hair and man purse trends…just to name a few. And as with nail, hair and day to day fashion trends, wedding dress trends are on the move.

Roman brides wore white robes as a tribute to the god of marriage and fertility, and later, the traditional long white gown symbolized virginity; but as our times changed, more and more brides chose eggshell, cream, and ivory. Now there are brides who love the idea of a wedding dress saturated in color. In fact, Vera Wang’s wedding collections show everything from black and white to fiery red, to an entire assortment of rainbow colors.

So, it seems that the color of the wedding dress, as with every element of a wedding can vary from one bride’s idea of her dream day to the next bride’s preferences. And what she picks can become the centerpiece of the wedding, as well as dictate the entire color palette of the wedding. So go bold or go home, or stick to tradition. The choice is yours…and isn’t it nice to have so many choices?