Daytona Beach Wedding Venues: Why Choose the Beach?

Say you love the beach. What better venue to hold your wedding than your favorite place, and what better beach than Daytona Beach? Daytona Beach offers over 19 miles of pristine beaches, peppered with luxury condos, as well as great seaside dining, entertainment and shopping.

Then, of course, if you held your wedding in Daytona Beach, you already have a spectacular, built-in honeymoon with romantic walks on the beach, ocean view accommodations if you choose and gorgeous, summer-like weather year-round.

The pleasure of your guests is another reason to have your wedding in Daytona Beach. Who wouldn’t love a place that is close to all the country’s most beloved theme parks, fascinating Kennedy Space Center, historic and charming St. Augustine, Daytona International Speedway, which is considered “The World Center of Racing” and so much more!

Yet one more terrific reason to choose Daytona Beach as the location of your wedding is that it is home to so many incredible reception venues. Just imagine having endless blue skies and pristine white sand beaches as the backdrop for your ceremony and then moving the party to a restaurant set against that same picturesque scenery.

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