Daytona Beach Wedding Venue: Why Pick the Beach over a Park

Why is a beach wedding better than a wedding in a park? Maybe you are both beach lovers, spending hours upon hours of beach time together; maybe you met on the beach; or just maybe you were proposed to on the beach. 

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, so the wedding venue you most fancy is definitely subjective. However, the beach is indisputably one of the most gloriously stunning places on earth. More specifically, Daytona Beach offers 23 miles of white sand bliss…just perfect to top off your about-to-be wedded bliss. And that’s not all it offers…

When you hold a destination wedding in Daytona Beach, you automatically have a built-in honeymoon and a terrific vacation spot for your guests. You can spend your days with your happily married toes in the sand and your nights enjoying romantic dinners for two; while your guests can enjoy thrilling races at Daytona’s iconic International Speedway, free concerts at the Bandshell, their choice of water sports and so much more…and it’s all just a convenient drive away from America’s most popular theme parks!

Plus, Daytona Beach is home to a wide array of restaurants and resorts that are absolutely perfect wedding reception venues. Speaking of resorts, Daytona Beach is the consummate host, providing a multitude of amazing accommodations right on the beach!

The ocean is a beautiful natural backdrop offering resplendent scenery that shares no equal; Daytona Beach’s pristine white sand is warm and inviting; and the sun here glistens upon the water, reflecting the magic of your special day. Whoever can say that Daytona Beach is not a magnificent wedding venue…Forever hold your peace.