Choosing the Proper Season for Your Beach Wedding

Selecting a good date within a “safe” season is crucial if you are planning a beach wedding. First and
foremost, you will want to keep hurricane season, which is June through November, as far away as
possible from your wedding plans. You will also want to avoid holiday weekends, as they are busy, more
expensive and many guests may already have plans. Just one more word to the wise…summer and early
fall are well known for pop-up showers in Florida. All that being said, it looks like January through May
are the best months to consider. It is also a good idea to have a back-up plan in place in case of rain – no
matter which date you choose. Consider a canopy or tent, or an indoor venue for such an instance.

I’m sure this goes without saying, but just in case…When your wedding is on the beach, tide becomes a
major factor. Just imagine if the tide began to roll in during your ceremony, swiftly carrying your guest’s
chairs and your gazebo away and ruining your day. Make certain you check the tide timing and plan your
event a time when you know the tide is only going to get lower throughout your event.

Another thing to consider is cost and vendor availability. A destination wedding in New Smyrna Beach
sometime during the winter months is a beautiful thing. It’s a remarkable time of year here and your
guests can enjoy a wonderful warm weather getaway. Spring is also a wonderful time for an event and
accommodations, flights and vendors are less expensive off season in April and May. It is also easier to
book things due to better availability at that time.

Whatever your plans, start planning early to avoid stressful time crunches, and avoid leaving anything to
chance by hiring a reliable event planner such as Affordable Beach Wedding – Central Florida’s trusted
wedding planner of choice.