Beach weddings in New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach Florida

Christmas is just a few days away! Affordable Beach Wedding is offering a special on all weddings booked through Christmas and New Years holiday. Book from now until January 5th and receive %10 off on Princess package or Fairy-tale Package. Are you planning a vacation in Orlando this coming year? Why not come to New Smyrna Beach or Daytona Beach and have that dream beach wedding you always wanted? You can enjoy the best beaches in central Florida and have the Disney experience as well. We are only an hours drive from Disney World in Orlando Florida.

If you are considering a beach wedding in Florida, take a look at our beaches and what we can offer. We have beautiful white sand and gorgeous blue water. New Smyrna Beach as well as Daytona Beach, always has great events happening year round. March, April and May are a few of our favorite months to do weddings on the beach in Daytona and New Smyrna Beach. The weather is very nice during the spring months in Daytona and New Smyrna Beach. However, the weather in Florida is nice year round. Thats the reason so many people flock to the sunshine state.

Affordable Beach Wedding can offer you advise concerning any questions you might have about doing a beach wedding. Here are a few things to consider when you first decide to have your wedding on the beach in New Smyrna Beach or Daytona Beach.

1. How many guest will be coming?

Volusia County requires you to have a permit if you are hosting an event of 50 people or more. The permit is $100 and they also will require you to purchase event insurance. the cost is usually around $100 for the insurance as well. So your cost will be around $200 to cover both the permit and insurance. We can explain how to get this started and whom you will need to contact though beach patrol services. It is always best to have the permit if you think your guest list is gonna be close to 50 .

2. What time of day?

When choosing the time of day for your beach wedding, first consider the tides. The tides can affect the amount of beach is some places more than others. Of course the weather can change how high the tide will actually be. We are experienced and know the places that are most effected. We advise you to set the wedding time at the tides lowest point or on the going out tide. However, during some seasons the tide may not be as high as others. We can take a look and advise you what would be the best time of day to choose.

3. What if it rains?

This is a question every couple ask! I always advise the couple and guest to be flexible the day of the wedding. The good thing is most rain showers dont last long and 30 minutes later, you never knew it rained. We will watch the forecast the day before and day of wedding. If its calling for rain during the time we have set, we can adjust the time to avoid the showers. It is a good idea to keep your guest informed that time may change if necessary.  The good thing is most destination weddings are small groups of people in which makes it easier to move the time. We always try to make it happen as we planned. If worse comes to worse, we can do the ceremony at your reception site. However if we can wait out the rain, thats what we prefer. The worst thing that can happen to the setup is chair covers getting wet. If that should happen, we just take them off and dry the chairs for your guest. As many weddings as we do each year, we have not had to alter time very much at all. We will do everything possible to make sure everything goes as planned.

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